Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Procrastination = creativity : )

Well, these past few days have been suitably revision deprived and fun filled and I've found that procrastination leads to all sorts of new hobbies. I'm talking vacuuming, walking, cooking, drawing....anything to avoid even thinking about exams. It was during one of those 'quick, think of something to distract yourself with' moments that I decided to use one of Gem's tuesday tips and practice my nail art skills. Now, I'm afraid I have yet to perfect using my left hand so I had to try out this leopard print pattern on my toes ['scuse the feet] but I'm quite proud of my first attempt. Hopefully it'll be on my hands next time and will look much nicer!

Ew. Again, please do excuse the feet but at least you get the idea. I think the colours work well, and was surprised at how good the liquid eyeliner proved to be - a tip from Gem's blog - although my attempt does look more like confetti than animal print! In an attempt to prolong the procrastinating I also painted my hands [well, nails- you know what I mean!] in a grey and glitter combo...
...nom - I'm rather partial to grey at the moment, which is a little depressing considering that it's June. Ah well, you wouldn't think it with the weird weather at the moment! Anyway, I now have a set of snazzy nails and no more excuses not to work so I shall love you and leave you whilst I enjoy some sociological reading (I'm lying; I plan to sleep instead) but will be back soon with more incessant ramblings and less foot pictures!



Sherin said...

Great job! I am not at all capable to doing fancy stuff to my nails despite loads of attempts!

P.S. I'm going to try the recipie you posted below later on today.

Danni and Maria said...

Thanks Sherin! It wasn't a masterpiece but at least it distracted me from work :P

And yay that you're trying the recipe, just watch out for fly away chickpeas :P


Helen said...

i've been meaning to try this out too since seeing it on gem's blog! i'm a bit wary of how i will get on with my left hand though...

yu.anami said...

Ah it's so pretty! Even if it's feet! And the barryM glitter one seems appealing.. :)

Scarlet Owl said...

I did exactly the same thing while I was revising. The left hand was very sloppy - ended up asking my boyfriend to help which actually didn't help at all!

Danni and Maria said...

Helen - you should definitely try it! I'll be trying it out on my hands next so will let you know if it's a disaster!

Yu- thank youuu, I love the look of that glittery one - think it might have to go on top of every colour I use now :D

Scarlet Owl - glad someone else uses this as procrastination!


vint junky said...

your attempt is way better than mine, i think it's great!!


Leia said...

i love your nails! especially the leopard print toes!

Danni and Maria said...

VintJunky - thank you!! I'm sure they're no better than anyone elses attempt, but it was definitely fun to try it out!

Leia - thanks hun :) you should try it!



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