American Dining: An Antidote to Everything

Aaaaah, an evening with Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, milkshakes and Cosmo's....could we really ask for anything more? Well, add in a quick stop off at the pub and you've got the perfect way to wind down after revision tensions. Yes, last night we ended up paying Dockers another visit and used it as an excuse to get glammed up after weeks of slobbing about (at least on my part) in slouchy stuff.

I think my top is actually a dress but on me that would just be plain inappropriate...thank-you skinny jeans!

So we made our way to Dockers and this time sampled their evening menu of American classics. I'd love to say that we savoured every delicious bite, but we were so unbelievably hungry when the food came that not a morsel remained after about five minutes. It really was lovely though; satisfying in a way that only greasy, finger-licking American food can be. Altogether we ordered burgers, chilli dogs, milkshakes and cookie sandwiches galore, but the highlight was definitely the cocktails (perhaps second to the Jukebox - there's something oddly enchanting about those things)...
My 'little Docker burger'
Heaven on a plate?
SJP would be proud

Both me and Maria went to the diner to spend some time with our future house-mates and after days of gradually increasing isolation and insanity from work, it was wonderful to eat, drink and be merry together. And merry we were. I'm not even referring to alcoholic induced sillyness here, I think the last few weeks of holing ourselves away with only authors and automated library e-mails to keep us company, we were in shock at sudden human contact. And so things got a little comic...
Maria having a jive
Maria and Lisa, true men at heart.
Why Danni, just why?!

Only we could find fruit amusing...half eaten fruit at that. The diner went from being super-packed to super-quiet and we decided (after finally noticing fading lights and angry glares) that it was time to head off. Rather than waste time waiting for the bus in the pouring rain (well, the torrent had stopped by then but the pavements, and our shoes, were sodden) we decided it was Pimms O' clock and sought out one of Leamington's pubs where we chatted away to the sound of open mic night whilst sipping Pimms as quintessentially as possible...
make gif

Hmm, perhaps not as prim and proper as Mr. Pimms (not even sure if there is a Mr. Pimm's but go with me here!) would like but we certainly enjoyed at least pretending it was summer, even if the weather was telling us otherwise. It was my first ever taste of Pimms and I have to say it was lovely; very sweet, and definitely more suited to sipping outside on a warm hazy evening, but nevertheless a success!
Pimms = Grins !

Looking back, last-night was a simple affair. Just burgers and bars to put it bluntly. But it certainly put a smile on all our faces, and made us realise just how good the simple life is. Paris Hilton, eat your heart out.


Yu said...

No Pimm's till last night?! Your life has just started my dear :)

Anonymous said...

I had a lovely time - redo very soon please!! Next year will be epic :) xxx

Maria Fallon said...

Yu- It was indeedy my first try of Pimms! Have avoided since I was younger and found it disgusting :P
Lisa- we'll definitely do it again, and Yu wil have to come along this time!


Sherin said...

Looks like a cool evening. That little burger looks so delicious!! And you guys look great. Danni, the dress/top is so gorgeous and Maria: I LOVE what you're wearing.

Maria Fallon said...

Thanks Sherin :)
It seems like ages since we've been out so was v nice to get dolled up!


Rick said...

Don't you love American food? I prefer british. Sticky Toffee Pudding is amazing! And blood pudding!

P.S. Twinkies are this vanilla snack cake with a cream filling. They say if you bury it for 20 years and dig it up, it will still be fresh.

Maria Fallon said...

Rick- American food is indeedy YUM. But I'd be lost without a good ol' roast dinner. Oh and Fish and Chips from the chippy! hehee


Leia said...

It looks like you had so much fun! I agree, the simple things in life can be incredibly satisfying :)

Maria Fallon said...

Yes Leia it was a fabby evening :D Definitely be repeating it soon!


Gem said...

You guys look lovely, and that looks like my kinda night :) Food, booze and lolz. Thats basically my life's aim!
PS - will have to try this crazy beans and vinegar idea...

Maria Fallon said...

Thanks Gem! Twas indeed a good one, and yes def try it out :P crazy but goood