This week has been...blueberry-tastic!

This week has passed by in a blur, I can't believe it's the start of another one already! I have spent most of my week cooped up in my room, working away at my dissertation which is due this Friday...prepare for some meltdowns on Twitter! :P Mark picked me a flower to brighten up my room, it is currently sitting in a glass on my desk and looks very pretty :)
What an egg-cellent flower!
We have been getting ready for Comic Relief, Mark is very  excited :) I love the little teeth on this monster too, how cute! 
The book I am reading this month for Gem's book club :)
I have been really impressed with Sainsbury's this week too, I managed to get myself a new duvet set, some extra pillowcases and some gorgeous Radox bubble bath, all for £7.60! I don't quite know why everything was so cheap but I recommend you get down there pronto! I also managed to pick up some yummy oat and rice flakes which I have been eating for breakfast with a sprinkling of blueberries; healthy and tasty? Win-win! 

Blueberries seem to be an essential part of my diet at the moment, I used this recipe to whip up some blueberry muffins and they are seriously so yummy, much nicer than any I have bought from a shop...even Mark liked them and he doesn't even like blueberries! Elvis Presley – Blueberry Hill has also been on my Spotify playlist, I cannot get enough of classic rock 'n' roll at the moment! 
Tic-tac time! 
I love Tic Tacs, I don't know why but they always put me in a good mood and when I saw they were on offer I had to snap some up! There were 3 packs but one seems to have mysteriously disappeared...

BLT sub
This week, I also had my first ever Subway (yes I know!) I have never had one before but there was an offer on this week so Mark and I shared one and it was surprisingly nice :) 

This bad boy is a spritz, a mix of Aperol and white wine over ice, surprisingly nice but VERY potent, especially at the bottom of the glass! My housemate James made them for us all before we went out dancing on Friday; I have been desperate to go out for a while so the timing was perfect :)

 Have you got any cocktail recipes to recommend? What have you been up to this week? 


Hayley said...

I love spritz! I haven't had it in ages, but it was definitely the drink of my final year since my friend studied in Germany for our year out.

daisychain said...

I don't like blueberrys unless they are dried or pureed, which is sad because they LOOK so delicious.

I want the pirate red nose. Might have to send best friend on a mission for one x

Maria Fallon said...

Hayley- It's AMAZING! It was super strong though, I'm not sure if James got the quantities right :P

Laura- I really thought that you would like them! They are super yummy and good for you :) Definitely get the nose, they are super cute :)

Maria xxx

Yu said...

Omg that cereal looks so good.. I wish the Tesco off campus was a Sainsbury or Asda - they always have the best offers!

Sherin said...

Ooo, good luck with the dissertation.
And my aunt's been reading Sister as well: she says it's amazing.

I am a sucker for blueberries. They look delicious in the cereal.

Maria Fallon said...

Yu-I do love Sainsbury's but Tesco is SO cheap!

Sherin- Thank you, I'm just desperate to get it finished now! I seriously can't get enough of those blueberries, so yummy! :)

Maria xxx

A. said...


Unknown said...

I'm definitely a mojito girl at heart! I've got that red nose day nose too hehe, and snap on the blueberry recipes! My we do have a lot in common today don't we :) jazzy ♥

Maria Fallon said...

Adrienne- They are amazing aren't they?!

Claire- We are like twins ;) And I love mojitos but I think Cosmos or Woo Woos may be my favourites :)

Maria xxx