American dream...

Today, as it was Danni's birthday, we visited our old favourite, Dockers (featured here and here) and went for brunch to celebrate :) I had the world's biggest breakfast which meant I was full from about 1pm till 7pm; a new record for me!! 

The birthday girl herself :) 
So unhealthy but it tastes so good! The little ball on the right is a homemade hash brown, so cute!! :D
Unfortunately, I was fooled by the weather forecast which promised sun and so I decided to wear a Topshop dress which I picked up a couple of years ago in a charity shop at home. 
Dress: Topshop via charity shop, belt: H&M, shoes: Topshop, bag: Laura Ashley, stolen from my mum :)

I rarely wear this dress because I don't think it's that flattering as the dress has more of an empire line cut which can make me a bit shapeless but with a belt on I think it looks OK  :) I only ever wear it with tan accessories though, I need to be a bit more adventurous!

Worn with possible the softest shoes on the planet. I bought these in the Topshop sale on a bit of a whim and I really love them, perfect for stomping around a muddy park! Claire has these shoes in black and I really don't know which I prefer...luckily for my bank balance, my local Topshop only had the brown otherwise I would have probably ended up getting both! 

Despite the cold weather, springtime is definitely just around the corner and I cannot wait for some sunshine and temperatures warm enough to just wear a cardigan rather than several layers. The Michelin Man should never be a style icon! I will be sad to pack away my coat though, I have worn it pretty much everyday since it popped through my letter-box :( Saying that, I'm sure the grey skies won't be going away too soon! [Yes, I AM talking about the weather, how British of me! :P] My coat is starting to go bobbly though, does anyone have any tips or tricks to fix bobbly clothes?

I will leave you with this rather rock 'n' roll picture of me with my idol, Elvis. We think he originally had a guitar but I think my air guitar makes a pretty great stand-in! ;) 

How do you celebrate special occasions?  Are you excited for springtime?


Sarah said...

I really like the dress on you, the belt really works. BUT I think you are mental!! Its bloody freezing and youre wondering around parks with bare legs!! This is the first year I have bought into the whole tan accessories thing and I am wondering why it took me so long, tan really does go with almost every colour xx

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday to Danni!

I love that dress on you - it looks great with the belt!

Maria Fallon said...

Sarah- I was all layered up but my legs were pretty cold, the things I do for fashion! Haha! Thank you, I do love tan but I just think I have always been quite safe with my accessorizing!

Harriet- Thank you :) I will pass the message on :)

Maria xxx

Ellie said...

Oh I love the look of this Dockers place! Happy Birthday to Danni!

Steph & The Spaniels said...

looks great in there & the food looks amazing :)
love what you wore, the dress & brogues are gorgeous

Unknown said...

Love this dress on you, so vibrant! Really craving a full English now, glad you had fun!

Maria Fallon said...

Ellie- You would love it! It has a proper 50s jukebox too :)

Steph- The food is amazing! And thank you love :)

Kristabel- Thank you :D It was so much fun :)

Maria xxx

Sherin said...

Happy Birthday to Danni! That breakfast looks delicious!
Love your dress, especially the colour! It really suits you. I want it to be warmer so I can start wearing dresses again!

Maria Fallon said...

Thank you Sherin, I just always get a bit self conscious in it which is silly! I just want to be able to wear a dress and a cardigan without freezing to death! :)

Maria xxx

Leia said...

Happy birthday Danni! And Maria I love your dress!


Sarah - essbeevee said...

Love these pictures of you, the dress is gorgeous! Although you are making me cold! The shoes are nice too, i think they're still in my shop, I just don't think they'd suit me. But they look so comfy! Still loving that coat, I regret not buying it now.

Oh and happy birthday to Dannii!

jazmine rocks @ jazzabelle's diary said...

oh my, your breakfasts look so yummy! i have to go there one day, hehe. i adore what you are wearing, the colours suit you so well and i love your coat! xx

Maria Fallon said...

Leia- Thank you love :D

Sarah- I was surprisingly warm when I was all bundled up :) I didn't think the shoes would suit me but I am totally converted!

Jazmine- Thank you love, breakfast was AMAZING and I think I am going to have to organise a little blogger shindig at Dockers :)

Maria xxx

Gem said...

mmm that breakfast looks lovely! I'm work waiting to go on lunch and I'm so hungry after seeing that

Unknown said...

Oh gosh that does look yummy! Happy birthday to her :) Aaah a mention! I didn't realise my shoes came in brown too, I'd have a hard time picking too given the choice! jazzy ♥