This week has been... full of elbow grease

Moving in and out of university accommodation each term is probably one of the most stressful things that I have encountered. I am guaranteed to forget something vital or lose something in transit and so I have to be organised enough to remember everything the week before I am due to leave...Anyone who has ever met me knows that I am completely disorganised but this time, I managed to get all of my chores done and watch a couple [read 15 or so] of episodes of CSI: Miami - only to clear the V+ box you understand! :P

I have to eat all of the food out of the fridge and try and clear the freezer: dinner yesterday consisted of steak, broccoli, sautéed potatoes and fried onion. Not bad considering I had absolutely nothing useful in the fridge! I had a rummage through the hundreds of bread rolls I have in the freezer (I don't know why as I rarely eat rolls?!) and managed to unearth this steak which made a very hungry Maria, VERY happy!

Blueberry muffins

I had promised my family some baked treats and turning up without them would have resulted in me being turned away at home I think! I made blueberry muffins, ginger bakes (supposed to be biscuits but ended up being more cakey!) and Malteasers cakes. Luckily, these went down well and I was welcomed back home with open arms and the cakes were quickly devoured by the hordes of my hungry siblings ;)

My weapons of choice against the gross black mould that had taken root in our student bathroom. Luckily a few hours (!) of elbow grease later and the bathrooms were sparkling clean again :) I never realised just how much dust our house produces too, do all houses do this or is it just old ones? 

I can't really complain too much though as I got a Lindor egg for my troubles from Mark. I think I'm a Lindor addict, I seriously can't get enough of that chocolatey goodness...I just wish the boxes of them weren't so expensive as they are £5+ a box, not really suitable for a student budget :(

This was all of my stuff packed up and ready to go! I am really looking forward to spending some time at home but I will miss the independence of living at uni- the difficulties of students ;) I will be playing about with my camera and the gorgeous location I live in, so expect some photo heavy posts very soon :) 

How do you motivate yourself to do your chores? Do you like a change of scenery?


Danni said...

aaawh, byebye kenilworth! I'm impressed by the packing - those boxes get less and less every time! I swear it's just the uni house that get's dusty - we don't seem to have that much here. Have fun at hoome :)

jazmine rocks @ jazzabelle's diary said...

ohh, your dinner looks so yummy. i'm rather impressed considering you said you didn't have much in your fridge!

it must be so weird moving from living practically alone at uni to moving back in with your family. i'm not going to uni so luckily i won't have to deal with that stress, haha! looking forward to seeing your new location photographs! xx

Steph & The Spaniels said...

oh yummy baking :) sure the family will be happy with that!
Why is it you move so much? That would do my utter head in- so will done for getting orgainsed & sorting it out.
Looking forward to seeing some lovely photos- have a great time at home

Chloe said...

I moved flat and country every 4-5 months for 2 years so I feel your pain. This is the first time since I was 18 that I've been able to stay put in one place for any length of time. Go you for the mega cleaning, and the baking looks to divine.

Maria Fallon said...

Danni- I know, I'm slowly cutting down on the amount of stuff I own! :P

Jazzabelle- Thank you, it really was yum! It is weird going back but I miss my family too much to stay :)

Steph- They were! ;) I end up having to take enough clothes, I have literally nothing at home and stuff to put into storage because I normally am home for 4/5 weeks of my uni holiday and I have a LOT of stuff!

Fashion Junkie- Thank you :) Wow, that is a LOT of moving around, must be difficult to put down roots anywhere!

Maria xxx

Anonymous said...

Hope youre having a relaxing time at home!random question but where is your brown bag from in the last picture? its looks so nice :)


♥ Sadie ♥ said...

The dinner looks yummy!! I hope the move goes well.

Sadie xx

Hannah said...

all those muffins and biscuits are making me hungry yum yum yum. I have a similar pile of boxes in my room because I have no space for all my crap =(

Bow Dream Nation xx

Maria Fallon said...

Holly- Thank you :) I got it from John Lewis a couple of years ago in the sales, maybe worth checking them out? :)

Sadie- Thank you :)

Hannah- Sorry, I aim to please ;) Yeah I have a LOT of stuff :P

Maria xxx

Vicki said...

aw man i love blueberry muffins my granny used to make them when i was little! havent had them in years. xo

rebeccalucyh♥ said...

Mmm all that food looks lovely <3

daisychain said...

cakey biscuits are the best!

Maria Fallon said...

Vicki- You should definitely make them, this recipe is amazingly good :)

Becka- It was ! ;)

Laura- I can't argue with that! :)

Maria xxx

Helen said...

i adore lindor too but it is so so expensive! so worth it though :)

Maria Fallon said...

Helen- I know! It's just the way they melt...yum!

Maria xxx