This week has been... little luxuries

This week, I have been baking lots of yummy food including some rather scrummy Malteaser cupcakes and my old favourites; sultana, cherry, almond and Amaretto cupcakes! I swear there is nothing better than the smell of cake when you're hungry! :)
Lisa's card!
Mark made some cards for Lisa and Danni's birthdays, I wish I was half as artistic!
Danni's card! 
I finally received my post which our local depot seems to have been hoarding! There were so many parcels which they had there which they hadn't delivered or even left a slip for, needless to say, I was excited to receive my giveaway winnings from the gorgeous Laura! :D 

Unfortunately, this week has also been full of dissertation work....

....some more interesting than others! For the final chapter of my dissertation, I am looking at films that parody the ancient world and the 'epic tradition' meaning that 'Carry on Cleo' and 'The Life of Brian' are compulsory viewing... 

finally  saw the latest Harry Potter film, normally I go with my brother but this time the release just seemed to have passed me by, luckily Warwick Student Cinema has really good film schedules, I am already excited about next terms!  

I went to a jumble sale this weekend and picked myself up a few bargains, I think this little lot (along with another couple of books and mugs) came to under £2! 

Mysterious object of the week 
When we bought this  the other day (from H&M nonetheless!) I thought it was a dinosaur because of his little arms but other people think it's a squirrel because of the tail, what do you guys think? It actually has a reusable shopper bag inside but we bought it for it's cute factor :)

A little reminder of why I love Mark, who could refuse dark chocolate digestives after a long day of lectures? :D 

What have you done this week? Do you have deadlines looming?

P.S. Thank you for all of your thoughts on my last post! I think I am going to have it shortened slightly and then I will definitely wear it more :)


Unknown said...

I love jumble sales though there doesn't seem to be any around my area - and I'm going to have to go with dinosaur. It might be the colour that's swayed me but when I saw it my mind immediately jumped to dinosaur!

Unknown said...

So good you finally saw Harry Potter! Ha, those cards are so gorgeous <3

Ps: What are digestives? I see them on lots of blogs!

Grace x
secretly styled.

Anonymous said...

Well, isn't Mark a sweetie leaving you biscuits like that?! To me, little gestures are the true definition of love! x

Maria Fallon said...

Bethany- This is the only one I have EVER seen advertised where I live and I always try to go, I figure I'm supporting the local community and getting some bargains at the same time, win win right?!

Grace- I couldn't believe I was so late to the Harry Potter party! :P And this is a digestive:

Naomi- It just really made me smile, he is so lovely :D

Maria xxx

Unknown said...

You know, I thought it was a dinosaur too but now you've got me thinking...
Those cards are great! Mark is a talented man! X

Sherin said...

The cards came out great! Love them.

Good luck with all the dissertation work. Not long left now!

And yay for Harry Potter. I can't wait for the last movie.

Hehe, and I think that's a dinosaur. Although now that you mention it, it does slightly look like a squirrel.

Maria Fallon said...

Lil- I think it's a confused dinosaur/squirrel hybrid! And Mark is very talented indeed :)

Sherin- Thank you, I just want to get it finished now! I think it's a confused dinosaur, maybe it's evolving?! lol :P

daisychain said...

omgomg, I used to have that forever friends mug.
oh nostalgia!

Unknown said...

Those cards are so cute, well done Mark!

Also on the dark chocolate digestives front - yum!

Maria Fallon said...

Laura- I am a total child!

Harriet- I know! What more could you ask for?!

Maria xxx

Vicki said...

aw your boyfriend is so sweet leaving u those chocy biscuits and a little love you note!! :) x

Maria Fallon said...

Vicki- He is ADORABLE, I am very lucky, he takes all of my outfit post photos too :)

Maria xxx

A Certain Vintage said...

thank you so much for putting me in your blogroll! i just noticed it :)

congrats on winning the giveaway, the backcomb in a bottle stuff is actually pretty impressive stuff!! i'm doing a little giveaway on my own blog, maybe your luck will come in again :)

thanks for visiting my blog xox

Maria Fallon said...

No worries love :) I can't wait to try the backcomb in a bottle out, I need to go on a night out! :)

Maria xxx