Tuesday, 15 March 2011

In the pink...

Whilst I own a few pairs of trousers, I had never really put them at the top of my 'to-wear' list until I bought this pair from  Miss Selfridge. I'm still not sure what made me click 'Add to basket' (maybe it was the fact that they were £7.20?!)  but boy am I glad I did! The flared shape has meant that I have worn them with heels but also with flats and my legs look long and lean, a rare occurrence at 5' 4"! I would never usually choose trousers with so much material but I think it works with these bad boys! 

Trousers: Miss Selfridge, top: H&M, cardigan: gift from Mark's mum, belt: Miss Selfridge, shoes: M&S via charity shop, necklace: gift from Mark, bag: Peacocks
I have realised that these photos look like I don't know what an iron is but these trousers have the annoying habit of becoming very creased whenever you sit down. Apart from that though, I have no complaints about these trousers. They are not at ALL what I would usually pick but somehow they fit right into my wardrobe. They did get me a few glances when I wore them but I think that makes you stand that little bit taller and get your strut on! 

I love these trousers so much that I wore them solidly for about a week, for such a bright colour (they are described as rose gold but I think they are more of a pinky coral colour) they are surprisingly versatile and I have a few patterned t-shirts that will be getting an outing with these trousers. I don't know what it was but I literally couldn't wait to wear these again, I had my outfit laid out before I went to bed and I knew that they would (literally) brighten up my day :) Seriously, I was like a kid at Christmas! 

Trousers: Miss Selfridge, top: Zara, jumper: Hugo Boss via jumble salejacket: Principles at Debenhams belt: Zara, shoeboots: Office , necklace: gift from Mark, bag: Fiorelli (18th birthday present) 
I prefer the second outfit merely because it's a lot less casual and I really like the brown with the coral. Looking at these pictures is quite odd as I look pulled together and [gasp!] like an adult... the opposite of how I actually feel at the moment, I can't wait to get home and see my family in the holidays :D 

I have so much love for these outfits! This is one of the reasons why I blog, I like documenting my sartorial experiments and trying new things out. The Maria of a year ago would never have tried these trousers but I think they are a subtle (?!) nod to the 1970s trend without going too trendtastic...

What do you guys think, have I managed to pull off coloured flares? What clothes are you wary of? 


Sherin said...

Love the trousers!! They look great. The 70's vibe, along with the colour, look amazing. Love both tops you paired them with.

Defintiely agree: since I started blogging, I've been more experimental with my outfits as well.

Maria said...

Thanks Sherin! It was just the colour I loved, so pretty :) I feel like you almost have to step up your game with blogging as everyone always looks so nice!

Maria xxx

Lil said...

Love them!
I went into Topshop this morning and absolutely fell for a pair of red flared jeans. Sadly I'm on a spending ban. I don't like much 70s fashion, might be my least fave, but I adore flares cuz they're so flattering. Been on the look out for a while actually, cuz a stylist at one of the Aussie events told me I should try the shape.
I love this about blogging too. I've always been pretty experimental with my fashion (though perhaps I rethought my version of experimental once I started reading fashion blogs!) but this world does make me challenge myself and try things I might not have otherwise.
Love the second outfit, that blazer is so cute too.

daisychain said...

they are gorgeous! I love the colour!

Maria said...

Lil- Thank you :) They sound amazing, you would look fab! I try and challenge myself a bit otherwise I get into a bit of a rut which I hate!

Laura- Thank you, would love to see you in some slim flares :)

Maria xxx

Harriet said...

Gorgeous trousers - the colour is great on you!

I am always taking outfit photos thinking I look pretty tidy, only look at the photos again on my computer and realise I look like I've been storing my clothes in a ball on the floor!

Chrissy said...

Cute outfit. I love your necklace. :D

Maria said...

Harriet- Thank you love :) I couldn't believe the creases, I was so embarrassed! :P

Chrissy- Thank you :)

Maria xxx

Anonymous said...

The trousers look awesome! They are so cute on you x

Winnie said...

Those trousers are an awesome colour. Even I'm glad that those found their way into your basket! Love them.

claire (jazzpad.) said...

These are gorgeous Maria, really gorgeous. It's making me really want to go into town tomorrow on my day off to hunt them down hahaha! Also can you make your 'post a comment' button a bit bigger? It always takes me a while to find it and then when I do I forget what I was going to write haha :) Just an idea! jazzy ♥

Maria said...

Winnie- Your colour blocking inspired me to try something a bit out of my comfort zone! :)

Claire- You totally should, they would look fab on you! I am working on sorting the html out for this, as it has been annoying me for a while!

Maria xxx

Sasa said...

I just bought a pair of very bright (nearly neon ink ^_^;) pants for spring, can't wait to pull them out - thanks for inspiring!

Anonymous said...

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