The mighty jumble...

As a blogger, I think it can be very easy to think that you have to spend a lot of money in order to keep your wardrobe looking fresh and exciting. Jen has written a really interesting post on this over which says it better than I can. When you are a student, it can be very difficult trying to keep your finances in check when you see lots of beautiful clothes/shoes/accessories. After seeing lovely bloggers like Eleanor jumbling with some success, Danni and I were desperate to make it to a jumble sale. Luckily for Danni and me, there was a  sale at a local school on Saturday, so we wandered down and had a rummage for some bargains. . . 

  • I got an amazing Boss by Hugo Boss wrap top for 10p (!) which is perfect for layering this winter, cosy but not too thick 
  • An 80s fantastic Liz Clairborne blouse for 20p- I'm not sure what I am going to wear it with but I have enough in my wardrobe to use in outfit posts :) 
  • A NOO-NOO EGG CUP?! YES PLEASE! (This is a present for my Grandad but it's too cute not to share!) 
  • My favourite thing I bought was definitely my little teapot. It is originally from Whittard of Chelsea and it is adorable. I really love the little elephant on it! (Thank you to the Scout who recommended it to me!) 


Have you ever had any luck at jumble sales? 


As Maria well knows, I'm a bit of a bargain hunter; I was even going to hunt out the special offers at Sainsbury's last night before being scared into leaving it til daylight. All the more surprising then, that this was my first jumble sale. And boy can I see the appeal. I've read about so many bloggers who regularly attend jumble sales, especially Jazz who always manages to style her finds so well. Sadly, we don't hear of many here....although perhaps now I've caught the bug my ears will be more tuned in to all things jumble!

 When I saw a 35mm camera, which I've been wanting for a while, I was almost ready to haggle for it. When the woman told me it was 75p I...well, my face definitely resembled something like this...

 Not only that, but she threw in a film for me too! 

I also snagged a bargain in this Camel blazer which was 20p. I'm not sure how I'll be wearing it yet, it may need a belt, but it's definitely adding to my wardrobe now waning with Camel coloured knits! 

Last of all was a boring old maroon jumper; comfy, cosy, but definitely not picture worthy. Instead I'll leave you with the blouse I got after hunting through all the charity shops near Uni. It's a sort of leopard print, and I can't wait to just throw it on top of a tank with some skinnies.

Yay for bargain hunting!

P.S. What  would you like to see more of on Frills 'n' Spills? Let us know in the comments below and we can endeavour to do it!


daisychain said...

holy crap awesome finds x

Leia said...

Ooh I love that Whittards teapot!


Maria Fallon said...

Thanks Laura - maybe it was beginners luck?

Leia- ain't it pretty?! I think Maria's v proud of her finds :D


Maria Fallon said...

The teapot is amazing, the elephant is just so cute! Plus it is practical too :)

Maria xxx

Abbie said...

I love a good jumble! As a student I definitely appreciate a good bargain!!

Maria Fallon said...

Abbie- I know! I think I have been bitten by the thrifting bug! :)

Maria xxx

Sherin said...

I'd love to go to a jumble sale one day. I go charity shopping a bit, but jumble sale is definitely a different experience.

Maria: Boss top for 10p??? Incredible! And love the teapot: it's so adorable.

Danni: Great bargain on the camera and the camel jacket looks so good.

Maria Fallon said...

Sherin- It's so comfy too! And I am in love with my teapot, it's utterly adorable! :)

Maria xxx