Pull the other one

Earlier this week, I decided to go an impromptu shopping trip [when I say impromptu, I mean of course completely planned in order to buy supplies for a certain bloggers birthday...Happy Birthday Maria!]. Somewhat awkwardly, Miss Fallon decided she'd like to join and although it led to a not-so-subtle splitting up for half an hour, she also managed to seek out the perfect jumper for me! Y'see, after getting over-excited about finally getting a job, I went on another unplanned shopping spree [oops] and bought a lovely maxi skirt from Dorothy Perkins. Lovely Jubbly. Although, of course I had nothing to wear with it and, despite knowing exactly what I was looking for, I couldn't see anything anywhere - even cybershopping failed this time!

Luckily, Maria kept an eye out while she was gliding through H&M and voila, found this beauty alone on the sale rack.

Behold. The perfect cropped, cream jumper. Behold, the not so perfect pulls on the material.

Part of me was ready to put it back, after all £24.99 was steep for a jumper anyway...snags or not and as there was no sale tag I presumed someone had put it there by accident. Nevertheless, I wanted it. BAD. So when I got to the till I asked, in as nice and un-cheeky a way as possible if I could possibly have a reduction on it. Please? And just like that, it was mine for a mere £5. Considering I was going to be happy with half price, this was a real bargain. And it looks perfect with my maxi skirt...yay!

It got me wondering though, am I a really cheeky shopper? I've asked for reductions on a few things lately as they're the last in my size, and perfect except for some annoying pulls or small rips. I know so many people who would just buy it anyway, or wait for new stock...what do you guys think? Am I rude to ask for money off?!

Oh, and I've finally jumped on the Barry-M bandwagon with my cracked nails. I actually bought the stuff weeks ago, but have suffered from manky-hand syndrome after shoving boxes around and unstapling labels. Nice. I've gotta say I love the stuff, although it took two coats of clear over the top to make it look glossy and even - I think I was expecting the crackle effect to be less dense. Either way, it's amazing, and next time I'll definitely try it over a brighter colour!

Also, it's Halloween this weekend!! I never normally get excited... one bad experience of trick or treating was enough to put me off for life. It involved me, a gate, and a hungry dog. Go figure. Anyway, this year we're planning to make a bit of an effort, I can almost feel myself getting in the spooky mood already...

anyone else planning some spooktastic partys?!


Fashion V Foodie said...

Hey girls. love the blog and the nail polish. I have the same! Check out... http://hatsnheels.blogspot.com/2010/10/cracking-under-pressure.html
For my own review and test.
Stacey x

Sherin said...

Oooo, gorgeous jumper! And go you about asking for a discount. I've always wanted to ask but am far too scared and nervous!

The Barry M nails look amazing. Everyone is rocking them. I still need to buy it.

Maria Fallon said...

Yeah i still get nervous...it feels so cheeky! But then it's pointless paying full price for something that isn't in it's original state i guess...hmm, ah well- it's definitely a case of don't ask, don't get with this one!


Anonymous said...

Lovely jumper!
I don't think you're cheeky - every woman for herself when it comes to the highstreet - that's how I feel anyway. If something is damaged then you definitely shouldn't pay full price!
Looking forward to seeing you next friday!
Lil x

Maria Fallon said...

hahaa, thanks Lil!! I like the odd vote of confidence XD YAY FOR FRIDAY


jazmine rocks @ jazzabelle's diary said...

oh my goodness, what a bargain! i bought this jumper brand new, a treat from my dad. the second time i wore it, it snagged. i really should start asking for discounts in high street shops, but i'm always too shy! hehe. i'm definately going to try next time, though. xx

Maria Fallon said...

aah man, that makes me feel guilty!! It's always the way with knitted stuff though; and yesyes- if you don't ask you don't get!