Taking a deep breath...

... and diving into the big wide world. One of the reasons we have neglected the blog (and you lovely people!) recently is that since moving into our uni house we have been having a few problems with our accommodation. Leaks in our house mean that we are restricted on the number of bathrooms we can use, which is a bit of a pain with 5 of us here at the moment... you gotta love student housing! 

My mood wasn't helped after Mark managed to shrink my favourite jumper that I featured on the last post. I was so upset when I pulled it out of the washing machine- it was literally the size of a child's jumper :'( I was going to put a picture up but it is just too upsetting! The icing on the cake was when I had to rush to A&E on Wednesday evening. My left arm swelled up and went all numb with sharp, shooting pains which was terrifying and confusing in equal part- fun huh?! Thank you to everyone on Twitter who sent such lovely messages of support, they really helped to keep me occupied whilst I was stuck waiting to see a doctor. I arrived home at about 10pm to find my house mates waiting up to see if I was OK and a really cute note on my door... 

Aren't they lovely?! :)
I think the worst part about being back at uni though, is the insane amount of work we both have on at the moment. In addition to lectures, reading and essay preparation, Danni and I have our dissertations to start and read for. I really don't know where to start but luckily my dissertation supervisor is FAB and just the person I wanted so with any luck, I will be able to produce a coherent 10,000 word essay (EEK!) 

I think at some point I am going to have a mental breakdown, so I am trying to distract myself with reading blogs and making myself into a Mad Men cartoon. Yes you did read that right. The lovely Fashion editor at large wrote a post about this and posted it on Twitter and I have spent my afternoon making cartoons of my house mates. (Yes I am that cool! :P) You should definitely make your own cartoon but I warn you now, it is ridiculously addictive :) 

I LOVE the Pete Campbell cartoon- it's perfect! 

In other news, it is a week until I get to see my family for a celebration of my 21st birthday which I am REALLY looking forward to. You would think at my age, the novelty of birthdays would have worn off but apparently not! I still don't know what I will be doing with my friends/ on the day itself but if any of you have already celebrated your 21st, do you have any tips? 

What did you do for your last birthday? Do you have any ideas to keep me sane over the next couple of weeks?


Sherin said...

Oh no!! Sorry to see that you've been having a rough couple of weeks!!!
And oh god anout your arm. How awful. I'm definitely sending along virtual hugs.

daisychain said...

did you find out what was wrong with your arm?

*big squishy hugs*

Sorry you're having a rubbish time lately xx

Maria Fallon said...

Thank you! My arm went down in the time I was waiting (FML) but they think it might have been a trapped nerve... very weird though!

Maria xxx

Shopgirl said...

what a rotten few days. But a good tutor for your dissertation is essential. I based the topics of my undergrad and postgrad dissertations on subjects that meant I could have just the right people to help me through - and they did just that - so grateful now! :)

Hope all improves soon - with birthay celebrations, how can it not?! Happy birthday, in advance!

Maria Fallon said...

Emily- Thank you so much! I am so glad I got the right person for my dissertation, means I'm a lot more hopeful, haha! Thank you for the birthday wishes, I am so excited! :D

Maria xxx

PinkBow said...

yay, i love it! thanks for leaving me the link!

Maria Fallon said...

No worries! I tried it out a while ago and really loved it :) I made one for all my housemates, haha

Maria xxx