Cosy cable knit

As I have been bitten by the thrifting bug, I had a mooch through the charity shops and managed to pick up a lovely cosy jumper from Toast. It is perfect for me as I get very warm, whatever the weather, so its short sleeves are practical and chic! :) I layered it up with my H&M  bodycon skirt which (hopefully) made it more flattering. 

I bought my tights from Primark a while ago, thinking they were black but I actually think the grey is more flattering and easier to mix and match. 

Handily, they also matched my belt which I used to pull in my waist. Again to help with the potential frump factor! 

I really loved how the mix of patterns worked together to make a really cosy and comfy outfit that was perfect for the rainy weather outside.

I am finding it difficult to incorporate my glasses into my daily routine, mainly because I forget that I have to wear them all the time (oops!)

The only way this outfit could be made better (in my humble opinion!) is with the addition fo a perfectly fitting vintage wool coat...

Ta-da! I finally got this coat dry-cleaned! I bought this when Danni and I went Yummy Hair spotting at Vintage at Goodwood with Aussie and haven't been able to wear it until now.

What's your favourite comfy outfit? Have you ever mixed patterns?



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Louder Than Silence said...

That jumper is gorgeous :)

Sally from Louder Than Silence x

Leia said...

I adore your outfit Maria! And that coat is gorgeous!


Maria Fallon said...

Sally- Thank you! It was a bargain £4.99 too :)

Leia- Thank you :) Comfy and practical! I need to sew a button onto the coat though, I think dry cleaning loosened them :(

Maria xxx

Anonymous said...

I also adore your outfit! Especially the stockings, my sister is jealous - shes standing behind me haha!

If you have a chance check out my blog, - It's about fashion, lifestyle and self love!

Maria Fallon said...

Jasper- Thank you. The tights were really cheap too :)

daisychain said...

I love that jumper and your tights!

My current favourite comfy/cosy outfit is an oversized sweater and leggings haa.

Ella said...

fab outfit! i am really into cosy knit jumpers at the moment so comfy xxx

Maria Fallon said...

Laura- Thank you, I thought you might like the tights :) The jumper is soooo comfy it's unbelievable. I really do love it, especially as it was a real bargain!

Belle- Thank you! They are amazing. Fact.

Maria xxx

Sherin said...

Love the skirt. Really suits you. And the shoes are really adorable.

I think you look really good in glasses.

Maria Fallon said...

Thank you Sherin! The skirt was a bit of an impulse buy but I have worn it LOADS, it's just so comfy! And I am still getting used to my glasses...

Maria xxx