Big girl's blouse

Looking into my wardrobe is an interesting activity. My storage facilities at uni are fairly spacious but I am impatient and often shove things into the wardrobe without folding them *gasp* As a result of this I have been trying to restrict my spending and revamp old favourites.  Recently though, I received an email from Miss Selfridge telling me about their sale and I clicked the link. BIG mistake, I wanted everything on the site! Miss Selfridge is a brand I love but often feel is overpriced (much like its sister shop, Topshop) As I had worked a long shift that week at work, I treated myself to another sheer blouse. 

I LOVE sheer blouses, I think they are more interesting than a plain t-shirt and add a feminine twist to key pieces (like my leather jacket) in my wardrobe. This one from Miss Selfridge is clearly vintage inspired with its floral pattern and cascading ruffles. 

I paired it with my Zara trousers to tone down its overt femininity and my gorgeous coral jacket, as seen here. Unfortunately, the day IO wore this was also the day that the weather turned from chilly to FREEZING. 

Silly me!
My poor toes were freezing in my peeptoes but my shoes matched my belt so perfectly that I just couldn't resist!

Recently, I have been trying to inject some glamour into my everyday life by wearing heels as often as possible. It seems such a shame to only wear them if I am going out, which happens less and less in third year, so I have been wearing them during the day too. Not necessarily the most practical choice I have ever made but you have to suffer to be beautiful, right?! My jacket was also EXTREMELY impractical as it had cropped sleeves and is so light that it provides no protection from the elements. FAIL.

Apologies for the crazy angle, Mark was hanging off a chair trying to take my photo and this is the best one that shows me full length, with my jacket on. It's difficult doing outfit posts at the moment, it is always SO dark when I am free and I like nice bright photos to show the details of my outfit... 

I hope you enjoy this super close up of my face! It's too funny not to include :)

Do you have any tips for doing outfit posts in the winter? Does glamour or comfort take priority when choosing an outfit?



Sherin said...

You might have been cold, but you do look amazing! I love that sheer blouse (I'm a sucker for Miss Selfridges) and the shoes are pretty. I need to add glamour to my life now as well.

Maria Fallon said...

Thank you Sherin! At the last count I had about 12 (!) sheer blouses so I have been trying to find ways to wear them :) So far, I have managed quite well in heels, I just need to wait till it gets icy! Haha

Maria xxx

Leia said...

You look so pretty Maria! I always look at your outfits and think, "hey I should wear something like that!" You have such a pretty, feminine, delicate style. I like sheer blouses too but find them a bit of a pain to wear since I need to wear a camisole underneath!


Dani said...

I love this outfit, it's so glam and cute at the same time and your pretty curls just add more glamour :) I can see how you would be cold though! Maybe you could team the sheer blouses with a high-waisted skirt and tights to keep you warm? xx

Maria Fallon said...

Thank you Leia! I can normally wear them without a camisole but sometimes it's just more appropriate! I do dress in a very feminine way- sometimes too girly?

Dani- Thank you! My hair can be quite difficult to style but sometimes it just works :) In the winter, I add my skirts and thick grey tights to EVERYTHING :)

Maria xxx