Ch-ch-ch changes!

As you may have seen from my last post, I am going through quite a few changes at the moment. I am now back at home and finding it very strange without my little cousins :( In honour of being home, I thought I would do an outfit post for y'all! I did it outside too, as inspired by Leia :) 

Man, I look dopey! Here are my lovely Zara trousers- I am obsessed with them and they are so comfy that I am going to be wearing them all through Autumn and Winter. I think they are quite flattering too :)

Spot the difference! What do you think of my new glasses? I really like them but I am finding it quite weird getting used to wearing them all the time. 

OK, I look ridiculous but this was what I wore to go shopping today :)

Shoes! I got some ribbon to replace the laces as I don't like the ones they came with... you've gotta love Hobbycraft

My  lovely bag. I don't use this often enough but it really is lovely although it's not very big! 

gif animator

To show you just how windy it was here! 

Have you been through any changes recently? What's your favourite piece of clothing for Autumn/Winter? 


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Leia said...

Outside pictures are the best! The lighting is so much more flattering as well :) Love your outfit, the trousers look great on you and the pop of pink is so pretty :)


Maria Fallon said...

Thank you! It was SO windy though, I almost blew away :P I love my trousers- literally obsessed :) It is coral but my camera has made it look pink :S


Sherin said...

I love those Zara trousers. I've been meaning to get a similar pair, but couldn't find them in my size. Also, you look so great with your glasses.

daisychain said...

cutie x

Maria Fallon said...

Sherin- I was lucky to get them, I literally grabbed them off the shelf just before another lady made a grab for them! The perils of shopping huh?! And I am still getting used to my glasses but they are fab! :)

Daisychain- Thanks hun, glad you are back :D

Joanne Faith- Yeah it is a blazer, from Miss Selfridge in the sale, I wear it pretty much everyday! :P And my top is coral but does look really pink... weird! And definitely go outside, just try and avoid the wind :P

Maria xxxx