Monday, 13 September 2010

Cloud mine

Today has been perfect. An impromptu trip to Birmingham with a couple of wonderful ladies turned into the ultimate balance of caffeine, clothes and cake. Our first port of call was Selfridges... we like to wander around pretending that the key-rings aren't the only thing we can afford. Champagne with floating gold leaf? Pah- we can so afford that. Mm. Maybe just the cork. Anyhow, we did find some goodies in the Paperchase section to cheer us up. As I mentioned on BSB this month, I always find the start of term difficult, as I'm sure most people do. The sheer idea of having to work to an unbreakable structure of deadlines and classes terrifies me, and so to cheer myself up I buy ridiculous amounts of stationary. There are worse vices right? Today I figured this mouse-mat would put me right on cloud nine no matter how down I feel...

... I bet you're smiling. It's infectious. In fact, I feel she needs a name. Carol seems apt. So yeah, I finally have my own cloud nine!

My friend bought a beautiful journal from Paperchase and I was so tempted to buy one. Thing is, I'm no good at keeping a diary as such. Nor am I a poet/artist/lyricist. I managed to pull myself away from the beautiful Moleskins and sumptuous leather tie notebooks, but after just reading LLYMLRS's post [old I know! I'm going through the backlogs :)] I'm tempted to get right back on that train and get one. What I'll use it for is still a mystery. If anyone's got ideas I'd be grateful; an empty notebook seems almost sad. It wants to be filled!

On a final note. Christmas cards. In the shops. REALLY? I mean, I'm all for bypassing term one, but we all know that ain't gonna happen. To the lady who was leafing through them, shame on you.



Natasha said...

The comment about christmas cards in the shops made me laugh! I bought xmas cards in Marks & Spencers about a month ago on sale! Shocking stuff. That mousemat is adorable :)

Danni and Maria said...

Natasha- how could you?! hehee - you'll be laughing when the rest of us are desperately searching for stuff in December though :P


Sherin said...

Paperchase does the most adorable things.

Lol at the Christmas Cards story. It's still faaar too early. I've only just started ercognising the fact that autumn is upon us.

Sarah said...

Whenever I start a new job or job project I ALWAYS go stationery shopping.

Paperchase is just fab and that mouse mat is so cute!

Hmm plots next stationery shop...

Danni and Maria said...

Sherin - tell me about it. I need to buy a few more jumpers before I can even think about being ready! Plus some boots, a new coat, wellies....

Sarah- glad someone else is a stationary addict :) we're not as far and few between as I first thought :P



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