Neck Lace

You know I can't resist a pun or two. And these lovely lace necklaces me and my sister got as a gift gave me the perfect excuse :). Y'see, ever since we were little [it's hard to believe but yeah, I was once under five foot], mum and dad have always managed to buy us a little something from their travels. Travels of course being a quick chug along the M5 to Devon... or maybe even Cornwall if they were feeling crazy. Anyhow, we've collected some lovely, and some very random things over the years [my particular favourite being a Pocahontas suitcase they bought back from London....must've been feeling extra rock n roll that year]. Recently, they went to London for a few days [crazy] and bought us back these lovely necklaces designed by Jenny at 'Culpably Cute'.
 She makes beautiful pieces from vintage finds which I reckon are pretty stunning- you should go and check her out! If you live in London she sells her pieces at Covent Garden- all the info is on her etsy site which I've linked to .... Happy Shopping!

Oh and if you ever see a Pocahontas suitcase looking lonely and lost, you know who to call.


Sherin said...

It's so pretty. I love the colour and a design. Please tell me you have a picture of the pocahontas suitcase.

Maria Fallon said...

Sherin I don't! Gutted. I've even tried google but all it brought up were pictures of Pocahontas and one puzzling suggestion of Bombay Sapphire Gin....hmmmmm?!