The end of an era...

Today marks the end of an 8 week placement, working for the Civil Service. When I first started, I despaired of ever understanding the jargon and the bureaucracy yet 8 weeks letter I can proudly say that “I speak Civil Servant!” :) One thing I have really enjoyed about this placement is living and working in London. It is such a vibrant city and definitely has a buzz about it and I have really enjoyed the time (and money!) spent here. Whilst I can definitely see a city as my future home, I think London may be ruled out. Do you want to know why? I think I am too smiley for London. Wherever I have lived, there have been tightly-knit communities and whilst it is nice to escape the scrutiny of people for a while and be anonymous, London has often been bewildering for a country bumpkin like me who is greeted with a scowl or lewd remark after smiling at people when they make eye contact. Now I admit I am making some MASSIVE generalisations here before the haters start but I don’t think I could live and work somewhere where people don’t talk to each other… Maybe I just have too much to say?! 

I think this internship has been a godsend for me, allowing me to develop my confidence and a skill whilst gaining some very useful skills for the future… the best bit though, has definitely been the people. Luckily for me, all the interns this year were as keen to socialise and make friends as I was-apparently this is unusual??? I have met people who could have been very intimidating with their confidence and intelligence but whose personality is just as impressive. These people have ensured that I enjoyed coming into work and meant that I have spent so long in Wetherspoons that the staff/ customers recognise me… Should I be worried?! I know that everyone always promises to keep in touch but I genuinely hope that they do as they really were lovely! Ok gushing over! ;) 

 So what have I learnt?  

  • Wetherspoons is definitely the best place to hold socials for impoverished students and graduates 
  • Lunch is a key part of any working day and should be savoured 
  • Having your office near to Covent Garden is very very dangerous for your bank balance 
  • Tube maps are impossible to read after Pimms o’ clock!  
  • It’s amazing how many things are given out outside train and tube stations- papers, magazines and Brie (yes you read that right… definitely the highlight of my week)  
  • I am going to miss the insane amount of entertainers/ musicians around London- they are like a public service, especially the ones on Hungerford footbridge, who cheer me up on my daily commute 
  • Over ground is better than underground- I hate the Tube, it is just so sweaty! (ewwww)
  • Pigeons are the devils spawn- Seriously I am terrified of them and seeing as London is packed to the rafters with them, I freak out at least 10 times a day! 
  • I love work-wear. Tailoring and smart separates? I'm your girl! 
  • I am really going to miss the lovely people I worked with and the routine of getting up at the same time every day but I guess the miracle of technology will ensure that we all stay in touch :) 

Olly, Ian and me in Trafalgar Square :)

Apologies for the lack of pictures in this post, we were all too busy socialising to take any ;) I hope that now, as I have a bit of spare time, this blog will once again be filled with my inane ramblings! I have missed you guys and my interaction with you all (OK now I sound like I have been sectioned!) but I am back! :D 

What have you all been up to? Have you done anything exciting this holiday? 

P.S. Is there anything you want to see more of on Frills 'n' Spills? Let us know in the comments! :D


Leia said...

I love London, but I could never live here permanently. I like to talk to people, smile at children, and feel trust and compassion towards strangers rather than fear. I want to live in a place where I know my neighbors - where it's not 'weird' to knock on their doors just to say hello!


Maria Fallon said...

Leia, I know exactly what you mean! I definitely think I am too 'open' for London! We should set up a little settlement together :)

Maria xxx

Sherin said...

Glad you had such a lovely experience at your internship.

Hehe, I think, being a Londoner, I've learnt not to smile or make eye contact in public, especially the tubes. But I do love London, and am so used to the busy life here, that I couldn't live anywhere else.

Maria Fallon said...

Sherin, I really did! I am going to miss working/having money! :P I do love London but it is so exhausting, I don't think I could live here full-time :)


Anna Jane said...

Haha yes, you definitely seem too happy and smiley for London!
Sounds like you've been having a blast though, and congratulations on becoming fluent in civil servant!
Agreed, Wetherspoons is ALWAYS the best place to go for students, nationwide!

Loveeeee your dress in the picture btw, where's it from?

- Anna Jane xxx

Maria Fallon said...

Anna Jane, it is so good to have you back :D And I think that I can be too smiley but that's no bad thing, right? Thank you, I am going to miss working but uni should be good :D My dress was from Next, I got it in the sale :)