Bob's your uncle.

Ooor coincidently the name of my new haircut. Don't worry, this post isn't going to be dedicated to the new do but the post-haircut excitement is practically spilling from me and so I went to my usual spilling out place. Twas cheap as chips too, all things considered- I had a full re-style cut and blow dry and got a discount cos I went so darn early so it came to £15.

I wouldn't normally post a photo of a haircut, but I've just had to take a mugshot for Glasto registration as apparently my last photo was either 'not of a human' or 'of someone who looks too young to attend'. Wow. They sure know how to make a girl feel glam. Anyhow, here's my cut- please ignore the face.
 Danni auditions for the role as the new Demon Headmaster.

Somehow I always manage to make a fool out of myself at hairdressers. I think they repel me. Today was no exception as I arrived bright and early [and bleary eyed] and had to linger awkwardly as the window cleaner was eagerly swiping the door. Eventually, after attempting to edge into his peripheral, and having become overly conscious of the stylists look of sheer satisfaction at my dilemma I simply said excuse me and the poor guy jumped aside to let me through. I naturally left a greasy hand print on the otherwise pristine glass. Can't take me anywhere! Then of course you've got the awkward chat with the washer and/or stylist, where I swear to god my ability to string a coherent sentence together goes out the window. Oops.

On a different note, I've been bargain hunting too and managed to find a £3 jumper hug and a 50p belt. Win! 

 Also got these bad boys from Primark. They weren't as cheap but I reckon I can forgive them...


Posting might be a bit sporadic for me over the next week or so - still waiting to find out when I'll be back at uni. It could be this weekend [PANIC!] or it could be two weeks time. Either way I should really start to think about packing. Oooorr I could just ignore it in the hope that it will go away?! How is everyone else feeling about this new term? Scared? Excited? A bit of both?!


Unknown said...

love those boots and your cut suits you so much x

Natasha said...

Really like those boots! And that haircut is lovely it really suits you! And for only £15! I'm getting my haircut soon, so this post has made me even more excited!

Sherin said...

Ooo, love the shoes and the jumper. It looks so comfy!!
Don't worry, I've embarrassed myself at hairdressers as well (ie, getting there a bit early and interrupting a staff meeting).

oo, is that the new do? Looks really nice.

Anna Jane said...

Love you haircut! I had to laugh at the Glasto comments. "Not of human".... wtf?!

Your hair looks lovely, I love the mid-length look and with curly hair it looks even more fab.
Lovin' your bargainous finds too... a cosy jumoer for £3? I think you need to share a few tips on bargain hunting!

- Anna Jane xxx

Maria Fallon said...

Anna-Jane : thank you!! Yeah those comments had me in hysterics - thing is, the picture was so similar to that one! They've decided that one's acceptable though thank god :P