Gloomy green...

It has been a little while since I last wore this green and white French Connection dress but I caught sight of it in my wardrobe the other day and I remembered how much I loved it. The weather was a lot colder last week than it was last summer (although I've gone from bare-legged to bundled up in a matter of days) but thank goodness that this dress works equally well with black tights as it does with bare legs! Saying that though, I wear the majority of my clothes all year round and just add or remove layers- I like all of the things too much to just wear them for a few months of the year! I am sure that I have managed to shrink this dress since I last wore it as I don't remember it being quite this short, I guess I can either wear it with thick tights like I have done here, or get used to flashing a lot of leg :)

Dress: French Connection, tights: Tesco,shoes: c/o George at ASDA
Yes, it's another day with coral make-up! I treated myself to the Max Factor Colour Intensifying Balm in 'Charming Coral' last week and it is one of my new favourites. I haven't managed to build it up to the colour promised in the adverts yet but layered over Allure, my favourite peachy lipstick from the Poppy King x No.7 range,  it is the perfect daytime shade. My hair is looking particularly wild here, luckily I have finally manged to get it cut and I now look less dishevelled of a morning. I am really low maintenance with my hair and make-up, especially in the week,  so anything that makes my life easier is a plus!

I try not to get too hung up on the number on the scales but I think you can finally see that I have managed to lose some weight recently. I had been unhappy with how I felt for a while but I finally decided to do something about it and have been tracking my food and exercise with Noom Coach for a few months now. Life's too short to not eat delicious food and I am not going to deny myself but anything that gets me moving more can only be a good thing, right? I rediscovered Essie Russian Roulette when I was sorting through my nail varnishes the other day and remembered why I love it so much, it really is a perfect classic red. 

I promise I do take these shoes off... sometimes! They are just so darned comfy and make me feel pretty tall, especially when paired with some leg- lengthening black opaques. I just wish I had bought myself some back up pairs when they were still online :(

What do you wear in gloomy weather?


LillianZahra said...

I love this dress! I did think the other day that you were looking very svelte but didn't want to say anything as weight is SUCH a difficult issue but you're looking great! x

Gem said...

I wear the same pair of shoes pretty much every day, can't go wrong with a plain black pair. I love your lippy, I need to find a nice colour that I can wear everyday to work because my all time fave was discontinued waaaah.

Looking lovely :) xx

Unknown said...

am back again in the blogasphere! great colour. really nice! would love to wear nice dresses to work, alas children a smart outfit does not make. xxxx

Sarah said...

Such a gorgeous dress!

My Sentimental Heart

The Style Rawr said...

You always look so sophisticated, what a cute look!

Tara x