Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Hedgehogs at Brownies...

I have spoken about helping out at Brownies before and although I am fairly busy, I will always try and make time for it as I find it really rewarding.I have been helping out since I was 13 and I love being able to do some crafty things and spend some time nurturing these girls [cheesy but true]. This week though, rather than making something or going somewhere, we had a visit from A HEDGEHOG. We recently held a coffee morning to celebrate our 50th anniversary and the money we raised, we donated to Vale Wildlife and to say thank you they came in to tell us a bit more about the work they do. 

Isn't she the cutest?! Kim from the Vale Wildlife centre told us lots about the animals that they care for and brought in a hedgehog for us to see. I nearly died as she was gorgeous! Kim also brought in lots of nests and skins for us to have a look at and it was really amazing to see what the nests looked like...

The hedgehog was shy at first but soon grew in confidence!
Gulls egg.
Owl pellet made up of all the bones/fur/feathers that an owl regurgitates as it can't digest them... NIIIICE
Goldfinch nest
Antlers. Trying to explain the rutting season to a group of curious 7 year olds was an interesting experience! 
Gull feather
Tarantula skin. I had no idea that tarantulas shed their skin like snakes but you learn something new every day! This was a fairly old specimen and unfortunately some of the legs had come off! 
Another nest...

We laid all of these different bits out on the table and the Brownies were able to go and have a closer look at each one which I thought was nice...

Did you know, hedgedhogs have very strong front legs as they use them for digging which means they are incredibly fast. 

It moved so fast the camera couldn't catch a picture!
The Easter bunny also visited!

Apologies for the blurry photos, it is difficult to take photos when you have 24 excited girls all craning to see a little hedgehog! Although I am not what you would call interested in nature or the 'great outdoors' [I always joke that I am allergic to fresh air] it was really interesting to find out a bit more about the wild animals we have that are native to this country. Vale Wildlife costs £20,000 A  MONTH to run so every bit that people can do really helps, after all prevention is better than cure!

Do you like hedgehogs? Have you ever volunteered?


Intrinsically Florrie said...

I love hedgehogs, especially when we spot one in our back garden :)

I loved Brownies and then Guides so much. ♥ But I had to drop out because of health- boo! Volunteering with them must be such a lovely thing to do.

Florrie x

margerine said...

Strangely, I have helped at Brownies since I was 13 too, and I rescued a hedgehog this week! I found it injured up our road, and my friend and I drove it to a nearby vets on the recommendation of the RSPCA - I don't know if it survived but I do hope so. I love helping at Brownies - I say it to everyone, but they are probably the funniest people I've ever met in my life!

daisychain said...

aw, hedgehog...awwwwww.

Sherin said...

I would love to Volunteer at brownies. It looks like so much fun and a great experience.
That hedgehog is adorable!

Alexandra said...

d'awwwww hedgehog! I almost fell over one in my garden once, the silly billy was sat right in the middle of the garden path haha!

everybody else’s girl

Christina said...

Awww! Overwhelmed by the cuteness!

Harriet said...

Oh wow - this is so awesome! That hedgehog is such a cutie!


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