The day I wore leggings..

If you know me, you know that leggings and I have never really got on. I never thought I would be wearing leggings on the blog, let alone in a work outfit but how things have changed! I have never been able to find a dress that was long enough to avoid the dreaded 'leggings as trousers' look which I hate but this floral Apricot dress has filled that gap in my wardrobe perfectly. The mornings are still pretty cold so this green raincoat has been perfect for adding a nice loose layer that isn't too heavy when I have to carry it home in the evening! 

Coat: Marks & Spencer, cardigan: Tesco, dress: Apricot, leggings: ASDA, belt: Primark, shoes: c/o Matalan
 This cardigan gets pulled out every Spring, I love the colour and the longer length makes it so versatile.This belt is a new favourite too, the pale gold goes with everything. I bought these leggings from ASDA and despite only being £6 they are reassuringly thick. Hopefully I have avoided the dreaded too thin leggings look as there's nothing worse... I'm not sure I'm a total convert to wearing leggings but who knows how many more times you will be seeing them on this blog! 

Coral lipstick is always a winner in my book and I keep recreating this soft peachy look, Max Factor really do make the best lipstick colours!

Do you wear leggings? How have you been dressing for the summer?


The Style Rawr said...

My opinion on leggings has totally changed too! Now it's all about comfort and I've turned into that girl who occasionally wears leggings as trousers...GASP haha!

I really like the layering here, super cute. :)


Sarah said...

Love this look!

Gillian said...

I think I'm the complete opposite to you - I wear leggings with literally everything! They're so easy to shove on under dresses that are a liiittle bit too short.
Love the colour of your cardigan, so pretty and summery! x

Steph & The Spaniels said...

Oh hello leggings, love the look. The dress is sweet with that cardie too. Pretty thing <3


FAIIINT said...

I'm obsessed with leggings, though I've been wearing tights more often recently. I do hate the leggings as trousers look though - I've seen some really unfortunate things walking behind people wearing a really thin pair as trousers! Hahah!
Love the coral cardi, it's such a pretty colour on you! :)

Jo said...

I absolutely love wearing leggings (NOT as trousers though, hate that) with my dresses as it means I avoid that dreaded saggy crotch problem you can get with tights.

Love the colour and shape of your coat.

Unknown said...

I live in leggings, I agree though not as trousers, but with dresses as you don't have the same issues you get with tights. They are also so much more comfy.

I love the outfit, dress is lovely, and colour of coat is beautiful.

Amy said...

I LOVE that cardigan! And the lipstick! And the coat! Basically, I want to raid your wardrobe. Is that ok?

I am awful for wearing leggings rather than tights with dresses. Especially when it's really cold or really hot — leggings are just so much warmer/more comfortable! xx

Style Eyes said...

I am a total leggings addict. They are so comfy to wear and practical when I am out with the children. I never feel comfortable wearing short dresses so leggings are the perfect answer.

Vintage Reflection said...

love your shoes!

Unknown said...

nice shoes :)

jiru said...

I actually wear leggings all the time.. not as pants though, but with skirts or dresses. They are just much more comfortable than tights! I really like your look, especially the coat and the cardigan.. great colours!