Wednesday, 14 August 2013

My relaxation staples...

As you know, I have been pretty poorly recently and spent a lot of time curled up on the sofa feeling sorry for myself. It can be pretty difficult to feel good about yourself when you are under the weather but I have a few staples that have been making my life a little more relaxing recently. For me, there's nothing more relaxing than a bath and this Radox bubble bath is lovely. I love the fact that it doesn't smell too sickly sweet either, the masculine, almost woody, scent compliments my new scented candle perfectly and acts as a subtle base for my deliciously peachy moisturiser. I have just found out that the peach range is limited edition so I will have to stock up, this smell is seriously addictive!

Trashy TV and films are part of any good relaxation routine and in between watching one of the many Friends repeats on Comedy Central, I rewatched some of my favourite films. Sometimes a good cry can help to make you feel better (cue Moulin Rouge) but I tend to stick to cheesy and feel good to cheer me up. High School Musical 3 can cure all manner of evils! ;)

Soft cosy lighting definitely helps me to unwind and I love having scented candles dotted around the flat. I have been burning this one in the evening and so far it has barely made a dent in the wax- I predict this will be burning for a while yet!

Verbena  and Clary Sage candle c/o Melt Candles
So there you have a few of my favourite ways to kick back but what about yours, how do you relax?

P.S. Melt Candles sent me this candle to review and, as ever, all opinions are my own...


Lizzy said...

I had a sniff of the peach one in the Body Shop the other day - yum!

There is nothing like a long hot bath followed by girly movies by candlelight. I hope you are feeling better! xx

Sophie said...

Nothing beat a lovely smelling candle when you want to relax!

The Style Rawr said...

I hope you're feeling better now! Watching Amelie and Mean Girls would definitely aid my recovery if I were you. ;)

Tara xo

The Girl said...

I'm suffering from back pain at the moment and the boyfriend went out and bought me that bubble bath! Had it last night and it was a really lovely smell, you're totally right, not a sickly smell at all.

Hope you're feeling better soon, DVDs cure all manner of ills I find. I'm about to finish Grey's Anatomy series 6 and will be a bit lost after that!

Laila said...

Great choice of films!! I hope youre feeling better lovely XX

claire (jazzpad.) said...

Hope you're feeling better lovely girl :( we share lots of the same dvd faves! <3 Claire at Jazzpad


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