Chilli, lemon and ginger noodle soup with fish...

I promised that I would try and cook more this year and share my favourite recipes so here you go! My best meals usually come from an adaptation and this is no exception. Here is my take on Tesco's delicious Vietnamese cod steamer.  Surprisingly it didn't take that long but it is absolutely delicious! I didn't have a lot of the ingredients on the cupboard but with a few tweaks I was up and running! Apologies for the blurry photos, photos taken on an evening midweek will never have the best lighting!


* Fish (I used haddock as we had some in the freezer but the original recipe calls for cod)
* Noodles (I only had fine egg noodles in the cupboard but I am excited to try it with the rice noodles I just bought too) 
* Chilli
* Ginger
* Lemon zest
* Lemongrass (I couldn't find any in Tesco so I cheated and used this Wagamamas sauce instead)
* Vegetable stock
* Pepper
* Spinach
* Broad beans
* Chilli salt (to season fish)

Chop up your chilli and ginger as small as possible and dry fry in a pan until browned. Add lemon zest and vegetable stock and leave to simmer (I didn't measure how much I added but I like my broth to have a lot of sauce) FYI, if you were using lemongrass, I would add it here! Unfortunately I don't have a fine grater so my lemon was more like slices than zest but you get the idea ;)

Add a portion of noodles for each person and continue simmering.

I also added some pepper and spinach to give it a bit of colour and to take the edge off the spices. Let your mixture thicken and continue to simmer on a low heat.

Mmm, raw fish!
Whilst making your broth, add your fish to a tray, rub with oil and chilli salt and grill in a 180℃ preheated oven.until cooked through and browned on the top.

Here you can see that the broth is a lot thicker and the noodles have soaked some of it up whilst cooking. I added a couple of dollops of the Wagamamas sauce and some broad beans at this stage which also helped.

Add to a bowl with your fish and enjoy! Although this is a fish recipe, the soup is delicious by itself and I can promise you that it tastes even better the next day when the flavour has matured...


char said...

This looks yummy, I'm trying hard to add more protein to my diet so fish recipes would be good!

Gem said...

mmmm I think I have everything to make this except the fish. Can't wait to give it a go myself x

Style Eyes said...

This looks amazing! I am definitely going to pin it and give it a try as I have been on the look out for some heathy fish recipes.

Unknown said...

Ooh this looks scrummy Maria! I'm trying to cook more new things thus year so this is going on my list :) xxx Claire at Jazzpad

Sophie said...

Maria your recipes have been fantastic recently!

Sarah said...

This looks amazing!

Unknown said...

This looks delicious! Definitely going to try.

FAIIINT said...

Ohh, this looks lovely! I'm always a fan of these type of noodle soups when it's freezing outside, so hearty & comforting!

Temporary:Secretary said...

This looks delicious!! I'm the same in that I'd like to bake more this year - but we'll see how that goes - I'm not the most patient person when it comes to the kitchen! x