Black lace maxi dress: my Duo challenge night time outfit...

You have already seen how I styled these lovely boots for day time but styling them up for a night time outfit was a bit more challenging. I tend to stick to a tried and tested formula of shortish dress and heels but after this gorgeous lacy maxi dress from Monki (where else?!) arrived last week, I knew these boots were the perfect match. I don't often wear all black but I love how dramatic it is against my pasty porcelain skin. The sheerness of the skirt also makes this a bit more wearable. to all intents and purposes I am wearing a short dress but I still have the security of a longer skirt to keep my legs covered up. You can't beat a good swooshy skirt either! I have been wearing my leather jacket more and more recently and it is getting to the most delicious beaten up stage. Maybe one day I will even look slightly cool?! 

Jacket: New Look, dress:Monki, boots: c/o Duo
Sleeveless dresses will always be my favourite thing to wear and the lace details on this one are ace. I think it also helps to sass it up a little, never a bad thing in my book! I also managed to do a mini victory roll in my hair which I loved, I am trying to experiment more with my hair to distract from the triangle hair issue and I think this worked! My lipstick is a gorgeous pink colour called Seduction from Tesco of all places, another beauty bargain, it was only £2.50!

And of course, these boots provided the perfect finishing touch! Initially I was a little bit scared of rocking a black sheer maxi dress but I think I have pulled it off, what do you think? 

What do you wear on a night out? 
P.S. Duo sent me these boots to style up for this challenge


char said...

Oh, so lovely - have never seen you in an all-black outfit before but it's fab!

Elizabeth @ Rosalilium said...

I do think an all black outfit is always going to look classy, but contrasting fabrics give it a real interest.

Looks lovely!

Sophie in the Sticks said...

YES! You look gorgeous! The dress is beautiful and really suits you. I'd wear the lower half but I don't tend to go in for low cut tops so I'd be too wary of this one x

Sarah said...

Such an elegant look Maria!

Winnie said...

Oooh love the Monki dress - I really do love Monki, they have some really interesting pieces so I always make sure to have a browse whenever I'm in London to see if I find a hidden gem!

Unknown said...

Gorgeous Maria, very Steph-inspired! ;)

Tara x