A weekend getaway in Herefordshire...

It's funny how traditions start, somehow they get established before you realise what has happened. Spending Valentine's Day with some blogging babes is definitely one of my favourites and this year we spent a lovely long weekend at the Oast House in Herefordshire to celebrate Sarah's 40th birthday. (no I can't believe it either!) Honestly, this weekend was just what I needed, life has been a little bit stressful recently so catching up with these girls over chocolate, cake and prosecco was the perfect antidote! I am officially the worst blogger ever as I didn't bring my camera so you get some phone photos instead!

The 'cottage' was an amazing old manor house and it was so photogenic!

It was full of charming original features, like this awesome range stove...

The house was based on the Brockhampton Estate and we decided to go exploring on Saturday. The weather was awful but hot soup helped to take the chill off...

Luckily I did manage to avoid buying any more books, I don't think my bookcase could take any more pressure!

The manor house dates back to the late 14th century and was used right up until the 1950s. I absolutely loved the moat, do you reckon I can get one built around our flat?!

The weather was terrible but at least it made for some dramatic photographs!

I wasn't brave enough to jump on this swing but Char was a lot more adventurous!

This bath was absolutely amazing, I took one of my Lush bath bombs (Lord of Misrule FYI) and it was one of the best decisions I have made in a long time, it was absolutely divine!

Gemma made the most wonderful breakfast on Sunday morning, there was also a huge stack of buttery toast, sausages and bacon just out of shot but I ate them too quickly to take any pictures, oops!

The best part was coming home to this amazing card from Mark, isn't he clever?! Thank you to Sarah, Gemma, Katy, Rosie, Sophie  (the best roomate!) Esther, Char and Lucy for a super fun weekend, let's do it again soon!


LillianZahra said...

The house you stayed at looks so cute! x

char said...

Ahh, it was lovely to see you and wasn't the house lovely?! I'd definitely stay there again.