How I wore a crop top...

I never thought I would see the day that I would be sharing an outfit with me wearing a crop top (!) but this blog has pushed me so far out of my comfort zone that nothing surprises me anymore! Going to the gym has made me so much more confident and I felt amazing in this outfit. I wore it a couple of months ago for my best friend's birthday and it was the perfect mix of comfy and dressy. There are lots of rules about what women should and shouldn't wear but there's nothing like an amazing outfit to make you feel like you could take on the world. 

Crop top:H&M, skirt: Topshop, shoes: Marks & Spencer
I love a glowy make-up look and although I may have gone slightly overboard with the Nars Orgasm Illuminator here, it worked well in lower lighting haha! I paired this with my beloved  Max Factor Masterpiece liquid eyeliner and a mixture of the Dainty Doll lipstick in Material World and the Max Factor C3PO lipstick – I told you I was a fan of shimmery make-up!

Dainty Doll By Nicola Roberts Lipstick in 004 Material World

There's nothing worse than a lumpy waistband from tucking your top in and although I was nervous about wearing a crop top, only a sliver of skin was on show. I have since bought a couple more to wear with my amazing new maxi skirt and I get the feeling that you will be seeing a lot more of them over here on the blog! 

This skirt has to be one of the best bargains I have ever found, it was supposed to be £60 and I got it for a mere £4.50! It is beautifully made with layers and layers of organza silk and I felt like a million dollars in it. The shape is uber flattering and the layers give it that element of fun without being overpowering. I mean, who could resist a skirt that looks like it is made of flower petals?!

Would you wear a crop top? What's the best bargain you have ever found?


laura said...

I think this might just be my favourite ever look on you Maria, truly beautiful xx

HazelxJoy said...

It's such a lovely skirt. There is nothing that equals how good a great outfit can make you feel.
I found a lovely maxi skirt in a charity shop at the weekend and put it on as soon as I got home, I was going out that evening and just had to wear it!

Ann-USA said...

This looks great on you! Your hard work at the gym is shining through!

Natasha said...

You look amazing Marie and the skirt is so pretty too. I love it! - Tasha

Retro10densara said...

I love the crop top Maria,again your style is so simple but bery effective oh and talk about a bargain the skirt is stunning x