Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Beautiful broderie...

Little white dresses are always my go to in the summer; sunshine just calls for something light and breezy and this pretty broderie anglaise dress from Warehouse fitted the bill perfectly! I love the oversized sleeves (re-reading Anne of Green Gables has definitely reignited my appreciation for puffed sleeves!) and it is so light to wear. Paired with my beloved coral shoes and bag, it's perfect for these last few sunny days before we slip fully into Autumn!

Dress: Warehouse, tights:Tesco, shoes: Clarks, bag: Clarks
I don't look very impressed but I promise I wasn't feeling as miserable as I look here! Someone needs to tell my face to cheer up! 😂 This Max Factor lipstick (Bewitching Coral) is one of my favourites and the bright pinky-coral matched my shoes and bag perfectly, I love it when a plan comes together...

I have been trying to use more of my accessories recently and this teeny bag is more practical than you might first think. I can't carry the kitchen sink around like I usually would but actually that's no bad thing, I always lug far too much stuff around with me!

I did worry that this dress was a little bit short as I have been conscious of wearing clothes that are too young for me but I'm hoping I can get away with mini hemlines for a little while longer yet?! 

What are your summer staples?

P.S. Did you know that there is a whole series of books about Anne Shirley? I didn't realise until recently but I did enjoy reading more about Anne growing up!


wholelottarosie said...

NEVER think you're too old for certain clothes, Maria! The key is confidence and if you feel good wearing it. It's nothing to do with the date on your birth certificate. I'm 33 and still happily flash my knees, wear my hair in braids and towering high heels. I don't want my 80-year-old self to look back and think what a daft cow I was for thinking I was too old for certain things when I was only in my early thirties.

Maria Fallon said...

Thank you, I think you are right, I'm just having a wobble in my confidence!

Maria xxx

Arina Thoggy said...

You really look fabulous in such outfits. I love to wear such outfits. Age and outfits have no age if we feel young then nothing can stop us. It all depends on us.

Sarasmile said...

Wear what you want when you want how long you want or short you want and when you look like that you ain’t got nothing to fear.
Oh and beautiful dress, love it


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