Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Dolly Parton sang about 9-5's...

Hi all, I'm Eloise and I wish I had more clothes so I named my blog something similar. This is my first ever guest post so please go easy on me!

I am in a workwear rut. A major workwear rut.
I guess it's because I work with the older generation who never really stray further than black trousers and a "jazzy" top, some have started to branch out to dresses but I know if strolled into work clad in the sort of garmz I long to wear I'd probably be shunned for showing too much leg. Apologies for the word Garmz, I heard it on Kidulthood yesterday and have officially stolen. So it's because of this that my skinny black trousers have become faded, my plain t's stretched, and my unflattering smocks stained - major fashion fail and I need help.

So I ask the question...What actually counts as office wear? I'm told that in my office we can get away with anything other than jeans but they lie! I can already hear the washerwoman like whispers if I dared turn up in a short dress and tights : / I've chosen a gok style mini capsual wardrobe for office wear if I 1- Actually had money to spend, 2 - Had a good set of pins, and 3 - could actually walk in heels.
1) Top £28 Topshop, Skirt £19.99 Arkclothing, Brogues £15 Newlook
2) Top £28 Dorothy Perkins, Skirt £26 Topshop, Boots £27.99 Newlook
3) Top £34 Topshop, Shorts £25 Awear, Boots £24.99 Newlook

Ah one can dream.


carys said...

I love all of the shoes and the pink peter pan top and the red and white one :) So nice :D


dinoprincesschar said...

oh i really like these picks, i have this struggle with workwear, i really can get away with anything here due to my position, but even so, sometimes i feel a little bit awkward with some of my choices.

Gem said...

I've just bought a plain black dress with a full skirt. I'm planning on jazzing it up with different belts and tights which is a cheap way of updating work wear. The dress was about £22 in Dorothy Perkins and I'm going to wear it loads this winter x

Sherin said...

I always struggled with work wear as well. Love yout picks though. Love outfit 2. It's a great work outfit.

Caroline said...

I really like that peter pan blouse. It can be tricky getting work wear right, I often want to wear something more stylish but seem to stick to the same old safe options! x

Sarah said...

such great picks! I must admit- i really struggle with work wear, but then its what i wear most of the time so should probably put more effort in!! xxx

LilyLipstick said...

I love that pink blouse. I'm shopping for work clothes at the moment and it's so tough to find things that are work appropriate but still young and fun to wear! x

Pippa said...

Love the pink topshop top! They basically have that in every colour now! :)

Hopefully you'll love my giveaway! Ends Wednesday at Midnight! Take a look :) www.clashingtime.blogspot.com <3

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

Selection number one is my favourite for sure! x hivenn

Danni said...

Loved this post Eloise!
It's so difficult knowing what's appropriate to wear for interviews, work etc - esp as I hate going for the usual workwear capsule wardrobe...black skirt, white shirt etc. I find it too boring!
Love your alternative combo's though [or garmz should I say?] can't go wrong with a little colour can you?
I long to wear this kind of outfit to work, but atm I'm working from home so I just stick to my usual clothes...no excuse to go shopping - BOO!

p.s. Maria I hope you're having a wonderful time in Italy!


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