Exmouth: sun, sea and swimming... PICTURE HEAVY!

I have just returned from 2 weeks in the lovely seaside town of Exmouth, spent with Mark and my family and I can honestly say it was lovely. it wasn't anything fancy but I have returned refreshed and rejuvenated from my enforced ban  break from the internet and some rather yummy food! I didn't do much but potter around [I am a young granny after all!] but I did manage to snap a few pictures! I know seaside holidays aren't to everybody's taste but I was raised on them and I don't think they can be beaten.  The weather was lovely and I was able to potter around town in the charity shops and then down to the beach for a quick swim too...bliss! 

♥ Georgian rose tea in Topsham. 
♥ Fish Medley Platter.
♥ Chocolate and strawberry roulade. 
♥ The gorgeous Georgian tearooms in Topsham. 
♥ Topsham station. 
♥ A charity fete at a local nursing home [yes I'm cool] with fresh fruit, jams and flowers. 
♥ Feast ice-creams, classic holiday fare. 
♥ Exmouth Marina and a future holiday home? 
♥ Posing in the park after having my hair cut. 
♥ Oh buoy! 
♥ Colourful beach-huts and moody skies. 
Possibly the best letterbox ever?
♥ Footprints in the sand. 
♥ A colourful signpost. 
♥ The tearooms again
♥ Hanging baskets. 
♥ A giant papier mache lion at the nursing home (I don't know why either but I wanted to bring him home...) 
♥ A cheesy pose from Mark. 
♥ Ice-cream treats. 
♥ Exmouth clock tower.

Unfortunately it was over far too quickly and I am already missing the smell of the sea and all of that clotted cream... I  dread to think how much weight I have put on but if you can't enjoy yourself on holiday, when can you?! I was a little sad and nostalgic as it reminded me of all of the holidays we used to go on as children with my grandparents but this will probably be one of the last times we all go together as a family. At least I have the memories and the sand in my shoes to remind me! 

Do you like seaside holidays? What would your perfect holiday entail?

P.S. I am looking for people to guest post towards the end of the month as I am off to Italy for a week to celebrate my parent's 25th wedding anniversary, so if you are interested, PLEASE give me a shout! :)


Emily Lilly said...

Lovely pictures :) Glad u enjoyed :D


Ellie said...

Haha looks like we've posted identical posts :D Love your photos, glad you had a lovely time! x

Eloise said...

Looks like a great place to relax, the enforced ban made me chuckle! I used to always want one of those beach huts things (is there a real word for them?) when I was younger, I used to want to put furniture and a bed in there to camp in!


p.s I'd love to guest post if your blog would have me?

Mariel Torres said...

That tea cup is the absolute cutest! Awesome shot doll ;)

Jo - Lost in the Haze said...

The jams looks oh-so darling! <3 I love the colourful boatsheds too!

Lost in the Haze

Kelly said...

Great pics :)

Steph & The Spaniels said...

Love the look of all the photographs, looks like you had an amazing time :)

thegirlhassparke said...

Oh a seaside holiday sounds so divine! I would love a holiday. Gorgeous photos - I love your shorts in one of the photos :-)

Sherin said...

Sounds like a fun trip. I love the pictures and really want to go to the beach right now. And all that food looks delicious.

Amy said...

Love the photos, looks like you had a great time. I love food photos, they always make me so hungry though! xxx

Winnie said...

I am so loving everyone's holiday posts at the moment, I really need to get mine up but I haven't even uploaded mine on my computer yet haha! As a result of your photos, I am desperately craving a Feast! Yum!!

daisychain said...

I love exmouth so much! I also love feasts and want one right now this second.

Clazzerati said...

Ah looks like you had a lovely time, great photos! And sometimes we all need an enforced ban to recharge the batteries so we can come back refreshed, and with new ideas! I'd love to get involved with a guest post, if you think it'll be the right fit for your blog. You can catch me on clazzerati@gmail.com xxx

Kat said...

Thank you for your comment hun- so happy with the new job! And that dress ;)

Your pictures look amazing, would love a little seaside getaway! Me and my family used to visit Cornwall every year (my dad's from Cornwall) but haven't been in years, would love to go back again!


Mariel Torres said...

Hey doll,
Murissa from the Wanderful Traveler has asked to tell you that for being one of the first two participants of my giveaway (http://mariel-torres.blogspot.com/2011/08/blast-from-past-and-giveaway.html) she'll give you a 20% discount on your first order additional to your entry to the giveaway. All you have to do is mention The Wanderfull Traveler.


islabell said...

oh god, these pictures are so beautiful. I love the ones of the sail boats. I am also loving!!!! the photo of the feast...I miss feasts so much!...almost as much as topshop. Your wee butterfly (?) print shorts are so cute.

Ella said...

these pictures are great! yum feasts are my favourite ice creams! that tea looks so cute too xx
Ella @ Belle Vintage

Unknown said...

hi darling! nice blog and post! check out mine! I'd glad we could follow each other!
hope to hear from u soon and see you follow me !
I follow back 100%
from ITalia



Anonymous said...

This looks like the loveliest holiday! and I completely forgot about Feasts! Ice cream lolly of my childhood! well next to mini milks of course :)

I'd love to be considered to guest post on your blog! (all the way from Mississippi by then!) xxxxx

jazmine rocks @ jazzabelle's diary said...

ohh such pretty pictures! exmouth looks like a lovely place :) x

Abbie said...

What beautiful photos! I may just have to give Exmouth a visit after seeing this post :D Looks like you had a lovely time! xx

Grace said...

I love the beach at Exmouth! Bring back Summer!