Plum, amaretto and almond cake recipe...

I have been trying to bake more this year and I came up with this recipe after trying to think of a way to use up some plums from the freezer. I was going to make stewed plums but a craving for cake led to this delicious plum, amaretto and almond cake. The plums were quite sharp which contrasted nicely with the super sweet cake, I will definitely be making this one again (you know how much I love cake with amaretto in!) I was also super excited to use my Kenwood mixer (!!!) , it makes baking so much easier!


* 8 oz butter
* 8 oz sugar
* 8 oz flour (I replaced 1 oz of flour with ground almonds for this recipe which was delicious!)
* 4 medium sized eggs
* Almond essence
* Plums
* Amaretto to taste
* Brown sugar

For the sponge, I adapted my fail safe Victoria sponge recipe from this super Marguerite Patten recipe book- it is deliciously 80s but the recipes are brilliant and it was one of the first things I bought for myself when I moved out 2 years ago, MP sure knows her stuff! 

Cover your plums in Amaretto and brown sugar (to taste) and microwave on a low heat until the fruit is cooked through. This took about 5 minutes but it obviously depends on how much fruit you have

Cream your butter and sugar until pale and smooth. 

Like so!

Take your flour and ground almond mix and your beaten eggs and almond essence (I really like almonds so I added some almond essence but it isn't necessary if you're not a fan!) and slowly add them to your mixture, alternating between the two. Your mixture should look something like this when you have finished...

Your plums should now be fully cooked, I had to drain some of the juice off as it would have been far too runny otherwise. FYI this makes a nice drink whilst you are waiting for your cake to cook ;) 

Add your cake mixture to the stewed fruit and cook at 180°C until golden brown. Mine did take about 35 minutes in total but it was well worth the wait.

Leave to cool as long as your willpower will allow and then enjoy!


Sophie in the Sticks said...

Your cake looks delicious and have made me feel really hungry. I've been eating raw plums as they are so scrummy just as they are. Yum x

Winnie said...

Oh man, that cake looks so awesome!!