A day trip to St Andrews...

Although I was keen to show Mark around one of my favourite cities, the main reason for us heading up to Scotland was to go for a meal to celebrate my auntie and uncle's 25th wedding anniversary and we went for a lovely meal at Forgans in St Andrews. We got to St Andrews a little earlier and spent an enjoyable afternoon strolling around the golf course and town and it was very pretty indeed, if a little blustery! 

If your dad was ever into golf like mine was, this will be a pretty familiar sight... 

My brother and I were never ones to follow the rules ;) Can you tell who got the tall genes in our family?! 

Mark always was the rule breaker in our relationship! 

These steps were pretty pointless but I was very excited when I saw them, as you can see from my super smiley face!

Hilarious street names are just par for the golf course...

The university is absolutely gorgeous and I very jealous of the beautiful surroundings the students found themselves in! 

Despite this being a graveyard, it was very pretty and very peaceful. 

Precarious looking ruins make for some pretty dramatic photos. St Andrews, it may have been a flying visit but it was fun! 


Unknown said...

Those ruins look awesome! I definitely want to spend more time exploring Scotland!

Tara xo

Sarah said...

This looks so lovely!

Unknown said...

It looks lovely out there, would definitely love to see that ruin. beautiful pictures but funny too :)

Katrina Sophia Blog

char said...

Beautiful photos!

Anastasia said...

I have been meaning to visit St. Andrews for such a long time! Great pictures!