Super sassy sixties spy...

Try saying that with your mouth full! Regular viewers of my Instagram may have noticed my recent love affair with all things Whistles. I have been bowled over by their clothes recently and I'm pretty sure that I could dress myself in only their brand without much difficulty- have you seen their dresses?! I had been stalking this dress over on ASOS's website for ages and when it finally got reduced that little bit more, Mark (very kindly) bought it for me. I was so excited when it arrived and I really couldn't love it any more. The colour is the most amazing tangerine orange and the fit is super flattering. I was very excited to wear it. It is also brilliant because the colour is so jazzy that it doesn't need accessories to jazz it up, the dress is statement enough! I felt like a super sassy sixties spy in this outfit- I blame the shift dress/bright colour combination! Now all I need are the nude pink and bright blue versions and  my working wardrobe will be set! You can tell it is heading towards Autumn with the light in these photos, I am going to have to hunt out an interior spot to shoot some outfit pictures as the colours did not come out well at all :(

Dress: Whistles via ASOS, shoes: George at ASDA, watch: Radley c/o Joshua James Jewellery

Sixties style calls for a sleek bob so I straightened mine the night before and slept on it as I don't like it to look too flat or pristine. I did try winged eyeliner but it didn't photograph very well so you will have to just use your imagination I'm afraid ;) Even in my extensive lipstick collection, I didn't have quite the right shade so I ended up opting for a corally shade instead. Normally I'm not a fan of dress with sleeves but this one didn't make my arms feel all claustrophobic (yes, I AM super weird!) so I was onto a winner!

These shoes are some of my favourites as they are just so comfy. I love blocky heels and the dalmatian print on these are ace! You can't see it very well here but the hem of this dress is slightly longer at the back than the front which is perfect for work- no risk of flashing! 

What is the sassiest outfit in your wardrobe?


Sophie said...

Maria I have major dress envy recently!

laura said...

This dress is AMAZING! the colour is perfect on you xx

LillianZahra said...

Love this dress - the colour especially! x

Unknown said...

I actually love your hair like this! I wish I could afford to shop at Whistles, I need to start stalking their sales!

Tara x

Sarah said...

Can't beat a bit of Whistles!

Unknown said...

What a gorgeous dress! I love the shade, it's so transitional. You could definitely wear this with tights in the winter, what a bargain...your man is a keeper! I have further wardrobe envy, you have beautiful clothes!
Polkadot Pink

char said...

Oh I really love this dress - what a perfect colour!

Kat said...

Love this dress! Such a pretty colour - I think I could also live in Whistles clothes :) xx