Cajun barbeque pulled beef brisket recipe...

Pulled meat has been having a bit of a moment recently but it has taken till now for me to jump onto the bandwagon. I have been trying to use our slow cooker more recently and when I saw this beef brisket joint reduced in Tesco, I was super keen to try Sarah's slow cooker pulled pork recipe and it was absolutely delicious! Apologies to any vegetarians, this is a meat filled post!


* Cajun spice
* Barbeque sauce
* Beef brisket
* Bottle of Dr Pepper

Lay your joint out flat and rub a generous amount of cajun spice into the meat. I really like cajun spice so I ended up using nearly half of the jar!

Place your beef into the slow cooker and slather it in barbeque sauce.

Turn on your slow cooker and pour over the Dr Pepper.

I had it cooking on high for about 8 hours and then turned it down to cook on low for another 8 hours and it was so tender. I kept shredding the meat as it was cooking, mainly so I could keep smelling it- it was absolutely divine! 

Once it was cooked, I drained the liquid off and put all the meat into a DELICIOUS MEAT PILE. 

We served it with brioche buns and a token amount of salad and it was absolutely divine, I will definitely be making this again!



Emily Lilly said...

it's making my mouth water just looking at it !

Distant Dreamer

Unknown said...

This.. Looks.. Incredible! I'd never have thought you could make this at home, especially in a slow oven! *bookmarks for cold wintery days* <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

Juliet said...

This looks amazing and so easy, cannot wait to try it out in our slow cooker!

Chloe said...

Slow cookers for the win, mine is back in full force use, mostly because it means dinner is ready when we get back from jobs and gyms at the moment with minimal work to do. Loving the sound of this for a weekend treat!

Unknown said...

this looks so yummy! my special (aka the only thing i can cook) is a pulled pork. yay for slow cookers!

becky ::

Anonymous said...

Wow, this sounds and looks amazing! Will definitely be trying this soon! xxx
Just Emma

plasterer bristol said...

This sounds amazing. Thanks for sharing this recipe. sounds delicious.