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A few years ago you would never have seen me in a pair of jeans but I have slowly been incorporating them back into my wardrobe and after a lot of searching, I have finally found the perfect pair of high waisted jeans. I used to love the Topshop Kristen jeans but they discontinued them so I had to find an alternative. The ASOS Ridley jeans are a bit of a blogger favourite and I love the fact that you can get different waist and leg lengths, my stumpy legs are often too short for regular jeans so anything that fits them perfectly is a winner in my book!

Cardigan: Gap via Matilda, top: Cath Kidston, jeans:ASOS, shoes: Principles via my mum, glasses: Orla Kiely at Boots
I don't often go into the Cath Kidston store in Cheltenham but I popped in when I was waiting for Mark and found this gorgeous newsprint top which I just couldn't leave behind. It is made of a really thin cotton and flares out at the hem, I'm loving it now but I think it will really come into its own in the summer! I picked up my new glasses a few weeks ago and it is love. I splashed out on a pair from the Orla Kiely range and although they are expensive, they are worth every penny.  I figure I have to wear them every day so it is worth spending the money, right?

I told you, these jeans fit like a glove, I'm seriously considering getting them in a few other colours too.  I know some people aren't fans of high waisted jeans but I love them, they help keep everything all smoothed down and tucked in- I need all the help I can get to keep my stomach in check ;)

I have been a fan of these shoes for years. They belonged to my mum and I would pinch them whenever I could but they were finally passed onto me a few weeks ago and I couldn't be happier! My mum has the best taste, I just wish we were the same size in clothes so I could pinch those too (although she is probably glad that I'm not!)

Where do you buy jeans from?


The Girl said...

Ooh this is good to know. Jeans shopping is up there with getting a smear test done for me - necessary but uncomfortable, and slightly painful at times! Will have to check these ones out!

The Style Rawr said...

Once you find the perfect pair of jeans, I definitely recommend buying them in different washes! I do like the fit of these and your cardi. :)

Tara x

Sarah said...

I was a massive fan of the Kristens too! Definitely going to give the Ridleys a go!

Unknown said...

can't borrow my mums shoes. her feet are too small. shame cos she's got some lovely pairs. i find jeans hard to buy too mostly cos of my height,. always gather up at the bottom. xx

LillianZahra said...

Love this top! Will have top check those jeans out - I still can't imagine myself wearing jeans but maybe I'll try in 2015! x

Helen said...

I don't own any jeans. I think I should probably get back into wearing them as they are so handy and practical. I just love my dresses too much.
Those glasses are so sweet. They are the sort that think maybe I wouldn't mind if I ever have to wear them!