Saturday, 20 December 2014

Rock 'n' roll inspired...

It's not often that I wear outfits that can be described as cool but I think this outfit may be just that. I picked up this snazzy dress (yes, more leopard print!) for a mere £7 in the Tesco sale a little while ago and it has become my go-to dress for when I want to look smart but still be super comfy. I have worn it with both nude and black tights and heels but this is probably my favourite way to wear it. The jumper and boots add a bit of a rock 'n' roll edge and most importantly, make it super cosy! All I need now is a slick of eyeliner and my leather jacket and I will have that cool vibe nailed... I have been super impressed with Tesco's clothes recently, I keep finding clothes whenever I go in, living opposite is dangerous!

Dress:Tesco, jumper: Tesco, tights: Sainsbury's, boots: c/o Duo
This cropped fluffy jumper (similar ones can be found here and here) is so soft and although I would never normally choose a cropped length, it actually is much more flattering with dresses than a regular length would be. It just goes to show that stepping out of your comfort zone occasionally can be a really positive move! I have treated myself to a few MAC lipsticks recently and Impassioned  is a firm favourite of mine, I love how bright it is against my pale skin...

It took me a while to break in these Duo ankle boots but now I have, they are one of the comfiest pairs of shoes that I own. They have replaced my beloved Bertope boots which I have worn out, or at least until my local cobbler can work his magic and resole them! I love the heels on these, they are comfy enough to wear all day but crucially push me over that 5' 5" barrier too which is always a good thing ;) 

Any tips on nailing that rock 'n' roll look?


Emma Corbin-Mckenzie said...

your outfits are so cute xxx i keep wanting to cut my hair like you too. don't have the bottle though. xxx

Sherin said...

Really love that dress. Looks amazing on you. I need to start wearing my dresses in winter - I miss them so much.


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