Friday, 16 January 2015

Graphic prints...

Recently you may have seen people sharing their first Facebook profile pictures and whilst mine isn't too horrific, (this one on the other hand...) it took me on a lengthy trip down memory lane. I have never been particularly cool (shock horror!) but this dress really reminds me of something I would love to have worn when I was 19 or so but didn't have the confidence. Warehouse is one of my favourite brands at the moment and I am powerless to resist their sales! This dress cost a mere £12 and is one of my favourites as it is just so darned comfy (and fun with it!) I last wore this for my Nanny's birthday meal back in December and it is the perfect dress for wearing to the pub or out for a couple of drinks, it looks pulled together but is still ridiculously comfy thanks to the soft cotton it is made of. I think it may be a bit short to wear to work, but I am sure to get plenty of wear from it at the weekend. All I need now is someone to invite me out for drinks! ;) 

Dress: Warehouse, tights: John Lewis, shoes: Marks & Spencer
I have been trying to experiment with my make-up more recently and I thought this turquoise Max Factor eyeshadow was the perfect match for the dress. Unfortunately it didn't photograph very well and has made me look a bit washed out in these photographs- better luck next time I guess! I really like the t-shirt collar on this dress, it just adds to cool factor for me and helps to break up the pattern too...

I love the contrasting hems and waistband on this dress, they help to add a bit of definition to something that could be overwhelming. It was a little short for my usual nude tights so these John Lewis velvet touch tights were the perfect accompaniment. I picked them up in their sale a few years ago along with a few coloured pairs and they have lasted really well, quality hosiery is well worth the money!

Which clothes make you take a trip down memory lane?


Alexandra Higgins said...

You look very pretty! And this dress is amazing. Thanks for sharing.
Domestic cleaning Tooting

Lily Lipstick said...

Love this dress! x

Sherin said...

I want this dress. It looks great. I think I'm long over due a trip to Warehouse. It's one of my favourite brands.

Polkadot Pink said...

Definitely flared jeans, but I'm happy to say that's not one item I'll be bringing back. You on the other hand, look lovely in your graphic prints! <3
Donna xx
Polkadot Pink

Matthew Pike said...

I have kept a few things from when I was a teen but most of it was terrible quality. I'm much wiser with my money now! I do really think this style suits you.

Buckets & Spades

The Style Rawr said...

I love the print on this dress! I'm scared to look at the Warehouse sale in case I want it all haha. You must have an incredible selection of frocks!

Tara x


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