Swinging sixties...

I wasn't planning on doing any sales shopping but I found this beautiful Wallis red biker style coat (amongst a few other things!) when I was supposed to be looking for a coat for Mark instead (oops!) and have barely taken it off since. I did have a little red coat a few years ago but I sadly grew out of it (sob) so I have been on the hunt for a replacement ever since. We decided to try another location for these pictures. There is a beautiful quiet garden in the centre of the estate that we live on and it made such a beautiful backdrop- even if it was slightly more public than my usual spot! The temperature has finally dropped below zero here in Cheltenham and I have enjoyed bundling up in cosy knits and my favourite scarf to keep out the chill although I think I am probably the only person to enjoy it being this cold! I think you can tell how chilly it was from these pictures, that is frost on the ground and those are some gritted teeth I have there ;) 

Coat: Wallis, scarf: c/o Meadham Kirchhoff x Amazon, jeans: ASOS,shoes:Marks & Spencer
This top was another sales bargain and I love the swingy sixties shape and high neckline, even if it is a shape I would usually shy away from. The fact it manages to hide my (ever-growing) food baby can only be a good thing! ;) It is strange, I have put on a fair amount of weight over the past couple of years but my style has been way more interesting, I guess as your body changes, so does your attitude. This necklace was the perfect match with the high collar and jazzed it up just enough for a post-Christmas meet-up at the pub, which is always a sartorial challenge for me, I can never get the balance of smart and casual right! I imagine I will be wearing variations of this outfit into work over the next few weeks, how cool would this top look layered over a striped tee? 

Top: Warehouse, necklace: French Connection
You know how much I love these jeans and they work just as well dressed up as they do more casually. I am also on the lookout for a replacement for these shoes, they are so darned comfy and I am a little bit worried about what I am going to do when they fall apart, eBay hasn't thrown up anything as yet but I am hopeful!

What have you been wearing to keep warm this winter?


char said...

Since starting a cold the other day I've been layering up with scarves and gloves.
Love the red coat, what a great find!

The Style Rawr said...

Red is definitely your colour so this was the perfect purchase!! :)

Tara x

Sherin said...

The red suits you so well. I'm loving that coat. I feel like I should have a cooler coat. I'm just stuck with my plain black duffel coat.

Juliet said...

Gorgeous sale finds :) Also well done for braving the cold for these shots!! xx

Gem said...

How do you do it? You look chic everyday! xx

Winnie said...

Oh I am SO loving all the red! That top is such a great shape and such a stunning colour.

Matthew Spade said...

you love a good sales pick-up don't you. Red is a lovely colour on you Maria.

Buckets & Spades

Unknown said...

That coat is just a beauty! Definitely a bargain! Look forward to seeing many more outfit posts in this <3
Donna xx

Polkadot Pink