Thursday, 19 March 2015

Navy blue and ruby red...

There's nothing particularly ground breaking about a navy dress but when you find one that fits you like a glove, then you snap that baby up, however 'basic' it is and especially when it's on sale! I go through phases with Gap, they have some really gorgeous stuff but sometimes it feels a bit too grown up for me. It does make me wonder, will there ever come a point where I feel grown up enough to class myself as an adult or does imposter syndrome apply to age too?! Despite my worries, I felt so pulled together in this dress and although simple, it was a really fun outfit to wear. It was so windy when we were taking these photos, hence why I look so bedraggled but I promise you that I looked more pulled together when safely ensconced inside!

Dress: Gap, necklace: Accessorize via my friend Jules, shoes: Topshop
I have committed the ultimate fashion faux pas here, matching my lipstick to my nails! Essie 'Aperitif' and Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipstick Ruby Tuesday are the perfect match and the ruby red jazzes up the navy blue perfectly. I look particularly pasty pale in these photos  but I actually like the contrast with my hair as it is just so dramatic! I seem to have been wearing jewellery less recently but I found this when looking for a different one and remembered how much I love it. It was a gift from my friend Jules and every time I wear it, I am reminded of just how nice she is :)

These sparkly gold shoes were another recent rediscovery (I may have too many pairs of shoes) and they have barely come off my feet as they are just so darned comfy. Now I just need shoe makers to make them in every colour under the rainbow so that I have a block heel to match every outfit! The waist on this dress is much lower than my natural waist so I was a bit apprehensive about wearing it but the pleats mean that it still nips me in at the waist without drowning me in material which is always a good thing!

Which clothes make you feel like a 'grown up'?



laura said...

You have the most beautiful selection of dresses Wifey, I love the red and navy combo xx

The Style Rawr said...

This frock has such a nice fit! I love Gap, is has such a classic styles. I think places like Hobbs and LK Bennett can make me feel a bit old!

Tara x

Matthew Pike said...

Navy is my most worn colour, it really suits you too.

Buckets & Spades

Lily Lipstick said...

I love this dress! Envious of your working wardrobe! x

Sherin said...

So in love with this dress. I love the colour so much - so easy to wear.


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