Saturday, 7 March 2015

Boozy garlic and sage chicken...

As you may have seen, I have had to switch to a low carb diet so protein, especially chicken, is a huge part of my meals at the moment. I had a real craving for roast chicken the other day so I decided to adapt Leon's 'chicken with 100 cloves of garlic' for our Sunday lunch. Apologies for any vegetarians out there, there are a lot of pictures of meat in this post! ;) The meat from this chicken went a long way and the flavour just got better after it went cold- I will definitely be making this again!


* 1 medium sized chicken (this one was just over a 1 kg)
* A glug of olive oil
* 100 cloves of garlic (equivalent to about 12 bulbs) - we only had 6 bulbs and it was deliciously garlicky so I can only imagine how strong it could have been with double the amount!
A large handful of sage
250 ml white wine- the original recipe called for white wine vinegar but I didn't have any and there were some sad dregs of wine lurking in the fridge s I used that instead
* Sea salt and black pepper (to season)

Heat up your oven to 180°C and fill your casserole dish with the garlic from 5 bulbs of your garlic. 

Stuff the chicken with the cloves from one bulb of garlic and the shredded sage. I also trimmed the excess skin (gross) and the 'parson's nose' off the chicken at this stage too. I know some people wouldn't but this is the way my Grandad taught me to prepare a chicken.

Place your chicken onto its bed of garlic, pour some olive oil over the chicken and then add your salt and pepper. I rubbed it under the skin and over it- there's no better way to get a lovely crispy skin!

Pour a (generous) glass of wine over your chicken...

... and then bake in the oven  at 180°C for an hour. 

After an hour, remove the lid and place back in the oven for another half an hour until it is golden brown in colour. 

Remve from the oven and restrain yourself from ripping into it...

Serve on a bed of salad and enjoy, preferably with anther glass of wine!
P.S. If you are looking for a way to really make the most of the chicken, why not try making chicken stock? This freezes beautifully and we used this batch to make a boozy risotto later in the week which was delicious!


Lil said...

This looks so yummy! I'm always looking for lower carb recipes so this suits me down to the ground xx

Laura. said...

This looks super delicious, I'd love to try it. Got to love anything with wine in ;)

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Helen Fielding said...

Yum! Look at all that garlic. May need to have this for dinner...

Eloise said...

I need to cut down on carbs so will also be looking for more chicken esque recipes. Love this! It's making me super hungry though xx

Gem said...

mmmm I do something similar with loads of garlic and lemon. I take the lid off mine for the last 10 mins so it gets cripsy x

Kelly G said...

Oh my god, this looks good.
I'm a HUGE fan of garlic, so will do this for Tom and I when we have a weekend of no socialising. ;)


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