Seersucker stripes and Liberty print...

Long time readers will know just how little I enjoy summer. I am always warm and comfort can be hard to find when the temperature keeps rising but this cute seersucker striped dress is one of my favourite things to wear in the heat. I would usually wear heels with this but for some reason I woke up wanting to dig out my Keds. Don't ask me why, I guess style inspiration comes from some very odd places and I must have seen something, somewhere to trigger this, maybe the tennis?! I look slightly crumpled here but this outfit put a real spring in my step- and not just because of the bouncy soles!;)

Dress: H&M, camisole: Tesco, tights: Tesco, shoes: Keds c/o Spartoo
This dress is pretty indecent without a camisole under it but luckily I have several of these cotton ones which I picked up in Tesco. They are invaluable for outfits like this and don't add too much extra warmth or bulk (always an issue when you are the human radiator!) This Bourjois lipstick is one of my favourites and brightened up my face perfectly. My berry lipstain would have been a better match but it is nowhere near as fun! I hate the fact that it doesn't match my nails but nobody has time to paint them to match every day, amirite?

I didn't realise how crumpled this dress was until I saw these pictures, oops! I guess it just adds to the casual vibe I was aiming for, let's just pretend it was deliberate rather than me just being a slob, haha!

I know Keds aren't everyone's cup of tea but I really love mine. The Liberty print on this pair is gorgeous and although I'm not really a trainers kinda gal, they have to be some of my favourite shoes. I really want a pair of the Kate Spade ones, I just don't know which sparkly pair to go for first!

What's your failsafe summer outfit?


laura said...

Right now my failsafe summer outfit is an a-line mini skirt and a simple vest, usually worn with new balance trainers!

Loving these stripes Wifey xx

The Style Rawr said...

I love Keds!! This dress looks so comfortable and lightweight - perfect for summer.

Tara x

char said...

Waah, I really wanted a pair of Kate Spade KEDS but I missed out on them on Spartoo. Boo.

LillianZahra said...

I love Keds - these look so cute! x

Sherin said...

Love this dress so much. The subtle stripes on it look amazing. I love go-to dresses like this. They're so easy to wear during the summer.