Changing lanes...

Yes, it's another day, another printed navy dress worn here at Frills 'n' Spills HQ! Dresses will always be my favourite thing to wear, mainly because they are just so easy to throw on in the morning and this one is a worthy addition to my wardrobe. It is another Sainsbury's bargain and I absolutely love it, the jersey's super flattering and the print is just to die for: it has the cutest illustrations of buildings and dogs on! Apologies for the dearth of posts recently, you may have seen that I have a new job (eek!) and things have been pretty manic here. I start my new job a week on Monday and I'm excited and terrified in equal measure. I don't know what my new routine is going to look like but hopefully I will still be able to snap outfit pictures and fit in some blogging! Change is always nerve-wracking but it is definitely the right decision for me, I am just anxious to get started so I can stop worrying about it, haha!

Dress:Tu at Sainsbury's, belt: Sainsbury's, shoes: Marks & Spencer outlet
MAC Lady Danger is a gorgeous orange-y red and although it's not subtle, it is super fun and it matched my outfit so perfectly- what more can you ask for?! I look particularly pale in these pictures, but that's the joy of wearing factor 50 every day! I got this ace Eucerin sun fluid mattifying lotion in my Glamour beauty box and I really love it. My family is prone to skin cancer (and I have already had one mole removed) so anything that makes protecting my skin easier is a winner in my book!

I really love the print of this dress, cute illustrations of pretty buildings and cute dogs will always float my boat! You know I can't resist a belt (I am worse than Gok Wan in that respect!) and this red patent one is lovely. Paired with Essie Russian Roulette shade this outfit felt quite retro without looking costume-y (I hope!)

I picked up these orange-y red suede shoes when I went to the Gloucester Quays outlet back in April and although I have only worn them a few times so far, I really love them. Little pumps with block heels like this are so comfy for everyday wear and I would have them in every colour if I could!

Any advice for calming my nerves?


laura said...

Oh, what a brilliant dress- supermarkets can be such treasure troves!

With regards to calming your nerves, look up mindfulness online- it's a bit "hippyish" but I've found it really useful, especially the breathing techniques when it comes to work/life related anxieties! Good luck wifey xx

MissPond said...

What a gorgeous dress! Good luck with your new job Maria x x

Sarah said...

Such a gorgeous dress! And huge congratulations on the new job!

My Sentimental Heart


The Style Rawr said...

I love the print! It's so cute! I've been in my new role for a month now and it was definitely the right move. I think they key is not to overthink it, there will be lots to learn but you have experience in this field anyway...You've got this! ;)

Tara x

Elise said...

I love a good navy dress! Although I'm always jealous that everyone else seems to have better luck in Sainsburys than I do - I think I have the biggest one in the world near my work and I never find anything good! (except tights - their navy ones are just the right shade. But that's pretty boring.)

Unknown said...

I absolutely LOVE that dress <3 Can't believe it's from Sainsburys, looks like Sugarhill Boutique/ Yumi/ etc. Lipstick is perfect for navy too. Good luck with your new job, you've done the hard part now. Sure, change is nerve wracking but it'll be here before you know it. Just be yourself, fabulous! You'll be absolutely wonderful xx

Jo said...

Congratulations on the new job! Very exciting news. Gorgeous dress too - you really suit navy and red.