Getting out of a clothing rut...

Recently I have been trying to cut back on how many clothes I buy (not that you would know from the state of my wardrobe) and focus on only buying things that are both fun and practical. This H&M top is one such purchase; I spotted it on my lunch break a few weeks ago and was umming and aahing about whether to buy it but I caved eventually as it is just so versatile. Since wearing this to work, I have worn it with my black jeans and a leather jacket to go to the pub, a bodycon skirt (remember those?!) and with various coloured blazers to jazz it up. The longer length means that it skims over my tummy (the part of my body I am least fond of) nicely and looks snazzy with minimum effort on my part (always good when you are feeling lazy!) This teal blazer is another old favourite of mine and I am determined to find the same style in navy as I wear it so often!

Blazer: Miss Selfridge c/o Matilda, top: H&M, trousers: ASOS, shoes: Clarks
I really love the cool scribble print of this top and the gold detailing (does it count as a necklace?!) means it doesn't need any extra accessories which can only be a good thing! As usual, I am wearing my favourite red lipstick, I know it's not exactly ground-breaking but I just really, really love it! 

I set myself the challenge of beating my previous record for not repeating a work outfit (I went 14 weeks at the start of my last job!) and so far it's going well. It's been nearly 9 weeks since I started my new job so I've got another 6 weeks to go! ;) Whilst I have repeated certain items (like these trousers) I don't allow myself to recreate an outfit with very minor differences (e.g. a different white top) so recreating this look with black jeans would count as repetition. It may seem silly but I've found it's a good way to get me out of a clothing rut and to wear more of my wardrobe. I don't know if I will be enjoying the challenge as much in a few weeks but we shall see!

How do you get out of a clothing rut? What's the longest you've gone without repeating an outfit?


Natasha said...

You look lovely Maria! I love that teal colour so that blazer is just so pretty and I definitely get the clothing rut thing. I'm in one at the moment - I really need to update my wardrobe and inject some more colour into it as I wear a lot of black! - Tasha

Sarah said...

I more or less live in the same combinations of clothes until I have a massive wardrobe clear out and discover some old favourites!

My Sentimental Heart


Unknown said...

I love discovering an item that will match all my favourite clothes! Like this top, it's definitely an investment although when paying, you wonder if you're spending wisely. I recently bought a pinafore dress for £13 and it unleashed so many cute, collared blouses in my wardrobe, I wondered how on earth I ever managed before. I do love your hair short, it really suits you! Great top, great find xx

The Style Rawr said...

I do love that jacket! I've just emptied my wardrobe (not really) and organised two big sacks of clothing to give away, I'd definitely like to refresh my whole wardrobe! I hate looking at most of my clothes haha.

Tara x

Sarah - essbeevee said...

I don't comment on here nearly enough, but this post seems like a perfect place to say that you're my workwear inspiration! I've really lost my sense of style over the last year or so, and part of that was working somewhere very cool and casual where everyone wore skinny jeans (which look awful on me) and feeling out of place in my dresses, and insecure as I'd gained weight. I'm starting a new job soon and have promised myself that I will find my style again, and wear the clothes I love, no matter what anyone else is doing! So especially right now, I've been finding your instagrams and blog posts really inspiring as you wear what you love and always look fabulous. :) I've set myself a target to try and wear more lipstick too, which is very much a Maria thing for me! Looking fabulous as always, my lovely.