Sunday, 20 September 2015


Summer seems like a long time ago now but bright colours are in constant rotation in my wardrobe, however gloomy the skies are outside. This midi dress was a total impulse buy;  a fitted jersey midi dress is so far out of my comfort zone that it is laughable but the jazzy pattern really drew me to it. The print is full of my favourite colours and I have all kinds of plans for what to pair with it. I mean wouldn't this teal blazer look ace?! I was initially very self-conscious when I went out in this but actually once I got used to wearing something so bodycon, I felt pretty darned cool. I am breathing in massively here but I think the addition of the print helps, it seems to distract the eye from paying too much attention to any lumps and bumps you would rather have ignored! 

Dress: Oasis, camisole: H&M, shoes: Clarks
I really love the crochet collar detail on the top of this dress but the bodice is so low cut that I had to add a bandeau top underneath to preserve my modesty. I guess a sliver of skin helps to stop it looking too frumpy so I can't complain too much! This Bewitching Coral Max Factor lipstick is one of my favourite lippies and it matched really well- I love it when a plan comes together!

I mean would you expect me to be wearing any other shoes with this outfit?! It seems like I have barely taken this coral pair off recently but they are just so cheery and I want to make the most of wearing them before the rain stops me wearing all of my lovely suede shoes!

Which clothes would you never wear? Any tips on introducing midis into my wardrobe?



Sherin said...

That dress is perfect. I love the colours and the midi length. I've only just gotten into maxi's so I think I still have a while to get into midis.

laura said...

I'm glad you bought this dress Wifey, you look stunning x

Marlen Komar said...

yaaay for stepping outside of our comfort zones! It's pretty cool how something once intimidating can feel really good on if only given a chance. And I can see why you're so head over heels for it- there's so much fun styling potential with those colors! As you proved by matching it with those pretty heels. You look like a total babe :)

Natasha Hill said...

I can see why you've been wearing these shoes a lot though, they're such a lovely colour and I love suede shoes. This dress is so pretty and I would have added a bandeau top too, I always get a little worried about tops being too low-cut! I love the colours on this dress Maria, you look lovely. - Tasha

The Style Rawr said...

I could tell this was Oasis! The print is awesome!

Tara xx


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