Chambray and confidence...

As I have got older, I have been less inclined to spend time fussing over my outfits at the weekend, Basing an outfit around my comfiest jeans mean I have more time for fun things like lie-ins or brunch instead! ;) I had never really been one for double denim but this chambray top is so comfortable, that paired with black jeans it managed to convince me. I picked it up in the sale at M&S a while back and although it's not flattering, that's OK. I felt really comfortable here, even if I'm not going to win any fashion awards!

Top: Marks and Spencer, necklace: Warehouse jeans: ASOS, shoes: George at ASDA
The sleeves in this top are my favourite thing about it. I love a fluted sleeve and these certainly add a bit of interest to a plain top. This necklace is one of my recent favourites, I love the simple deco shape of it, even if it is wonky in all of these photos... I have been going make-up free as often as possible recently and not wearing anything other than mascara and lipstick has been doing my skin the world of good. I am more self-conscious about my rosy cheeks (and my embarrassing tendency to blush) but so far no one has run away screaming so I'm counting it as a success! ;)

These dalmatian print shoes have been in my wardrobe for over 4 years and they were the perfect finishing touch for this muted outfit. I will be so sad when they finally give up the ghost, they may have only cost me £12 but they are so comfortable!

Are you a fan of double denim?


char said...

Ooh, I always forget about these dalmatian shoes until I see them here. Must dig those out!

Anonymous said...

Still loving those shoes! I remember when you first posted about them! x