Summer stripes...

My name's Maria and I have a confession to make: I'm obsessed with River Island... I have to say that I never saw this coming. I have always been a bit wary of the brand but they have come a long way from the diamanté-encrusted shop of my youth. Now, I am a regular visitor and a fair few pieces have made their way into my wardrobe, starting with this gorgeous striped top which I absolutely love. The stripes make it feel really crisp and summery and the shape makes it much more interesting. I went fairly neutral with the rest of my outfit here but wouldn't this be ace with bright red or coral accessories?!

Top: River Island, jeans: Gap, shoes: Marks and Spencer
I love getting my hair cut (unlike some people, I find the whole process mega-relaxing!) but the best part is the swooshy blow dry at the end. My hairdresser can work magic even on my unruly locks and the best part is that it can last for a couple of days if I use my super sexy shower cap!

I have raved about these jeans a million times before and they just seem to get better with age. I wanted to wear these blue flats but I couldn't find them (the perils of having a whole unit full of shoes!) so I opted for these nude shoes instead. Not quite as fun but they did give me that much needed height!

Are you a fan of River Island? Which shops have surprised you recently?


Sherin said...

Oh River Island. I wasn't a fan of it years ago and so haven't been in there ages. But looks like they've come a long way so I'll have to venture back in.

Lucy in the Clouds said...

I love a bit of River Island! I recently went in M&Co (not sure if it's just a northern shop) with a friend. I'd always thought it was quite a mumsy brand but I ended up buying a couple of things which I absolutely love! Just goes to show you should never judge anything on preconceptions.