The start of something exciting....

Well, I think the title says it all really! Starting a blog has been a dream for a little while now but we have both been too scared...Obviously there is no guarantee that anyone apart from us and our friends will read it but we live in hope :) We are Danni and Maria and we are both 2nd year students at the University of Warwick.

♥ ♥ ♥ Dannimoo ♥ ♥ ♥ 
 What can I say about Danni? I have only known her a year and now we are living together and writing this blog! She is absolutely  gorgeous and can wear pretty much anything- due in part to her gorgeous model figure :) She is also probably the "quirkiest" of everyone I know and wears amazing clothes and jewellery. I am also extremely jealous of her ability to apply makeup. Whatever fabulous outfit she is wearing she has gorgeous make up to match. You would think that all of this would make me hate her rather than love her but Danni is also the nicest person in all the world and I don't know anyone who doesn't love her just as much as I do :)

♥ ♥ ♥ Maria ♥ ♥ ♥

 Mariaaaaa, you've gotta see-ee heeeer Well yep, this is just about right really considering that you'd really have to meet her in order to see for yourself how amazing she is (although i'm going to try and do her justice here!!). She always looks super-duper, and is 100% committed to her classic style... she's been known to go out with a change of outfit on hand...just in case! Ever the worrier Maria can easily spend a couple of hours deciding on an outift, but she needn't fret because she always manages to look beautiful! And it's not just her gorgeous fashion sense that is incredible, but also her uncanny ability to plant a smile on your face. No matter what situation, regardless of how rubbish you may be feeling she is ALWAYS ready to drop everything and make you feel as happy as Larry...on a very VERY good day. So get ready for some blog-lovin'!!

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