There's no place like home....

Today has been a really hectic day... First of all the clocks went back which REALLY confused me and my family came to visit :) I was up at about 8 o'clock this morning (which was 7 o' clock in new time) so that I would have enough time to cook my lasagne. I used a recipe recommended by my boyfriend's mum and it was absolutely YUMMY :D. Bear in mind I was cooking for 9 people (!) so adjust quantities as required.


  • 2 packets of egg lasagne 
  • 2 x 500g minced beef
  • Peppers- chopped
  • Garlic- chopped
  • Mushrooms
  • 3 onions
  • 2 tins of chopped tomatoes
  • Squirt of tomato puree
  • Homemade white sauce
Grease the dishes that you intend to use. Pre-heat oven to around 200 degrees (dependent on oven) Fry minced beef then add finely diced onions and garlic. Add tomatoes and puree then simmer for around 20 minutes. Whilst this is cooking, take a knob of butter and melt in a saucepan. Add flour until you have a paste. Slowly add milk until you have a smooth white sauce. I had to add some grated cheese to thicken it up but obviously you can add flour or cornflour instead. Layer the white sauce, lasagne and tomato sauce with mince with white sauce as the last layer to fill your dishes. Add cheese on top then put in the oven. Bake for around 45 minutes but keep an eye on it! Serve with garlic bread and salad.

I omitted the peppers and mushrooms as my dad is a really fussy eater but add as many vegetables as you like :)

It was really nice to see my parents and of course my 2 brothers and sisters... yes I am the oldest of 5! I had forgotten how loud we all are when we are all together but it was LOVELY to see them :D They all came to see me because it is my birthday on Tuesday so they brought me my birthday cards and my birthday presents... I got some gorgeous tights in jade and navy and best of all a pair of house phones for our house! We were all ridiculously excited and I can honestly say we haven't got bored of the intercom function yet :P My grandparents also sent me an AMAZING food parcel (nomnomnom) and a gorgeous homemade chocolate birthday cake which you can see in the picture above :D I also want to say happy birthday to my cousin as it is his birthday today :)
I was also really really pleased that I finally got hold of my Gossip Girl Season 2 DVDs... I definitely think the second series is better than the first and they have improved the design of the DVDs which is better as the designs for the first series were a bit bizarre! Anyways...this has ended up being a REALLY long post but oh well! Hope everyone has had a good a weekend as me! Can't wait until my birthday...2 days ARGH!

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