So, my sister's a genius.

Yuh huh. She's definitely been getting her creativity on recently and managed to channel her adoration [and I mean bow-down, shrine-worthy adoration] of Cath Kidston into something useful and pretty.


Okay. It's just a tea-cup. But after having a hankering to buy something from the Kidston wonderland in Selfridges, she settled for a cup and saucer which was cute, but not practical - she's a hot drink hater [yeah erm, not so genius]. So, Cath Kidston quota fulfilled for the day she decided it simply wasn't worthy of back-of-the-shelf status and so turned it into a jewellery stand. I love it. And will proceed to copy her idea asap. [sisters are allowed to do this, right?! And readers of said sisters blog of course ;)] Plus, the tea-cup and saucer is only £6 which, by Cath Kidston standards is practically pennies. WIN!!!

Does anyone else have an unusual jewellery holder? I'd love a wall of vintage hooks just to hang my necklaces etc from. Now just to find a wall big enough for all my junk...


Ella said...

me me me! :)
i love your idea too xxxx

Maria Fallon said...

Belle that's amazing!! I love the elephant...definitely gonna see charity shop crock's in a new light!!


Sherin said...

Your sister is such a genius. It's such a cute way of holding jewellery.

Maria Fallon said...

She is indeed Sherin! It certainly comes in useful when I'm feeling uninspired :D

[oh, and she says thankyou]