Yummy Hair

As you know, Danni and I went to Vintage at Goodwood with the Aussie girls, Lil and Jenny to do one thing...find some yummy hair! Originally we were going to try and stick to a specific theme but there was so much choice that that idea went straight out of the window! Have a look to see which of these is your favourite...

 This girl was our first style snap- I think she was a bit scared by how we swooped on her but she was really lovely and had a beautiful twisted hairdo!

How gorgeous is this girl?! I love everything about her from her very cool plait to her chic side swept fringe. Her top is amazing too, but must weigh a TONNE with all those sequins! 

This guy was so damned cool... don't you think he looks like Kenickie from Grease?

Unfortunately it was impossible to find a good photo showing Kenickie :(

His friend was also fab- dontcha think he looks a LOT like Mark Ronson? 

This lady was really lovely- her hat was incredible... I was looking for a hat but I think my head is too big for them! Haha

I love the range of styles here, the girl on the far left was dressed in what looked like some kind of dance dress, it had THE coolest tassles on! Her friend looked the epitome of classic chic too, very Audrey Hepburn. Again my fascination with hats and shiny bouncy girls is apparent! :S

This girl was so cool! I loved the juxtaposition of her vintage style hair with her tattoos...AMAZING! 

These lovely ladies were from French Kiss Vintage and were really really lovely! They have written about the day with some fab photos including yours truly! Danni and I were snapped, and since tracking the photo down, I am amazed at how pale I look! 

I managed to snap some hairdos alongside Maria and we got some  shots of amazing coloured hair...
 This girl was rocking the pixie cut which I love, and of course bonus points for that wonderful colour!
Taking candy coloured hair to a new level, this girl puts GaGa to shame.

My favourite though, by far was this guy....
... okay okay, I don't think Aussie have brought out a wig care range [yet] but he just exuded 70s funk, and had a retro camper van to go with it. 10/10  :)

Thanks again to the wonderful ladies at Aussie who looked after us, and to the organisers of Goodwood who, honestly are too cool to be true. We hope to see you again next year!



Sherin said...

Looks like such fun. All the hair is so amazing. I love the girl with the side braid!

Maria Fallon said...

Yeah, it looked so cool! :D

Maria xxx

Anonymous said...

hey hey, thats me with the big blond afro.. neil