Monday, 15 November 2010

Prepare to be cupcaked.

I wish I had a sickly sweet recipe to share with you, but sadly this title's a bit misleading. Naughty, I know. As deceptive as it is though, all will become clear! I got the best visit from my family this weekend, along with this cute present from my lil sister...

make a gif

Amazing or what?! She clearly knows how much I love cake, as this is gonna give me the perfect chance to carry it with me wherever I go. Sad? Maybe. Obesity? Here I come. Om. And the little guy in there? A yummy raspberry and white choc cake as baked by the birthday girl that is mama Slater. Yeah. She likes to do things in reverse like that.

This brings me back to the lovely visit I had after work on Sunday from my sister and 'rents . It was perfect, and reminded me how much I miss them while I'm at Uni. We had a quick cuppa here before heading to Cafe Rouge for some tasty birthday tea to celebrate Mum's [ahem] 21st. Again.

As much as I love [and I mean want-to-live-there-forever-and-always kind of love] Cafe Rouge's atmosphere and quirky murals, I always feel like the menu's a bit restricted. Lovely, yes but a bit boring if you go fairly often. This time, I went for a chicken/white-wine/mushroom/mash dish [I paint such a lovely picture don't I?!] and was expecting something a bit...meh.

Meh it most certainly was not. It looked simple, but tasted astounding.... just as deceptive as the title for this post! I can't remember what it was called, but I'd definitely recommend it. YUM. Anyway, it was positively nom and so, so filling - a definitive change from the usual meals at Uni. The logical thing to do after a filling meal is of course avoid the dessert menu; lip smacking descriptions of achingly sweet desserts have a tendency to make me forget all about said fullness. Funny that. One menu glance and a ''pot au chocolat please!' later and this is what I got... 

It's impossible not to like anything in tea cup form, I mean...come on.

The pictures a bit shoddy, but the pudding was far from it. Yet another triumph for Cafe Rouge - France: 1, Danni: 0. Oh, and if you go to their website [clickety click] you can download a voucher for two of their courses for £10.50 - how generous! France: 2, Danni: 0 (or perhaps a half for sharing it with you guys?!).

Wow. Seeing all that food again is making me hungry, and at 11.30pm that's probably not the best thing. Wonder if they'd consider doing take-out for a hungry student?


Thought not.



Antonia said...

Love that gif! haha
And what a cute container, so funny quote=)

Rick said...

I want to be cupcaked!

Sherin said...

That cupcake looks delicious!! I love the tin it's in.

Kelly said...

Yumyumyum. Lovely food.
That cafe looks really cute and cosy.


Danni and Maria said...

Anntonia- thanks!

Rick- oh dear. I'm imagining this to be a pretty accurate definition of being 'cupcaked' ? ...

Sherin- gotta say it was pretty nom. Gone in like 2 seconds; the gif shows a pretty accurate timing :P

Kelly- yeah it's always v cosy in there! Such a nice atmosphere.

daisychain said...

what an amazing present!

Danni and Maria said...

Laura- aha, one of her finer moments I feel!


kirstyb said...

oooh and now im hungry xxxxx

danniekate said...

great cake tin! never been to cafe rouge, i wanna check it out now though x

Harriet said...

Wow, ll that delicious food is making me seriously jealous! The cake especially looks amazing!

Danni and Maria said...

Danniekate - you definitely should! Lovely lovely restaurant :)

Harriet - hehe, yes i think the cake was really the cherry on top!



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