I'm a Taper Jean Girl.

So as I hinted at in my week in photos post I finally got the chance to go and see Kings of Leon last week at the NIA in Birmingham. And I learnt two very important things. First, my undying love for them and their music is perfectly justified -they were brilliant. Second, you definitely want my sister on side in a fight.

I've been a fan for a long, long time and Aha Shake Heartbreak was my first musical obsession so for me this was a pretty big deal.

 I dragged my sister along with me [I say dragged, but she was almost as excited as me] and we got in there super early and managed to stand three rows from the front. I'll admit, having never had standing tickets for a gig so big [what have I been doing with my life?] I was a little worried about pushing/shoving/death but I think being right at the front meant you could a) actually breathe and b) stand next to some equally keen fans who weren't about to miss a song just for the sake of shoving someone around for a while.

 The crowd during sex on fire.

Needless to say it was absolutely incredible. I should've probably written this post when I got back to express my excitement. It was major. In fact, maybe it was best that I didn't because I expect the whole post would've looked a little something like this...


Yeah. Excitement in a nutshell!

The gig was fantastic, I can't fault it. At all. But then again, I love Caleb them so much that I never would.

Oh and I managed to get a few keepsakes too...

A tshirt, my ticket, my wristband and wait....what is that?

A plectrum. Caleb's plectrum. I can't quite believe it either!

This is where the second lesson of the night comes in. My sister, bless her heart, dived for it after it hit me, and fought another girl off for it. Fought here of course being a light prod on the hand, but still. She rocks.

As much as I'd love to ramble on about them forever, I've gotta go and polish that plectrum do some dissertation work, write an essay, and prep myself for another midnight shift.



Ellie said...

Oh Danni I am so immensely jealous! I love them too :) You got to stand so close :D
And the plectrum! Amazing you lucky thing. I once got my mits on the Yeah Yeah Yeahs setlist and have it at home in a frame:) x

Sherin said...

OMG OMG OMG, you got his plec!!! That is amazing. I've fought for drumsticks/plecs at so many gigs and never got one, lol.
Your sister does rock.

It's so cool you got to see them and so close as well. They are incredible!!

Jazzy E (Hivenn) said...

so cool. x hivennn.

Unknown said...

Wow, major props to your sister for that! Glad it was a civilised fight though!

Happy Christmas!

Maria Fallon said...


Eleanor - the framing thing is v tempting... I want one of those box frames to display it in, is that sad?!

Sherin- I know! think i'mma have to get more shoving/pushing experience if i'm gonna get any more... i was pathetic!

Jazzy - YUP!

Harriet- yeah, I wasn't ready to break something up!


beth said...

light prod on the hand?!
there was definitely a slap thankyouverymuch.